France Compétences, a public administrative institution created on 1 January 2019 in application of the law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future of 5 September 2018, is the single national authority for regulating and financing vocational training and apprenticeships. This institution guarantees the relevance of vocational qualifications and their adequacy with the needs of the French labour market, and contributes to the monitoring and evaluation of the quality of the training provided.
As part of these missions, France Compétences examines applications for registration of qualifications in the two national directories according to the criteria defined by the decree of 18 December 2018: the Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles (RNCP) and the Répertoire spécifique des certifications et des habilitations (RS).



A certification registered with France Compétences allows private and associative organisations, in their own name or via a network of partners, to implement a training course preparing for the acquisition of skills and knowledge necessary for the exercise of a targeted professional activity.
It is the skills, knowledge, know-how and professional behaviour acquired by the certified persons that are attested.
A certification is renewable, registered with France Compétences for a limited period of time, and is updated according to the evolution of professional practices, the needs of the labour market and the employability of the certified persons.


CDE FEDE France implements and develops the projects and educational actions of the European Federation of Schools FEDE.
CDE FEDE France is a centre for the evaluation and delivery of professional certifications registered in the national registers with France Compétences. It guarantees the transparency, objectivity and neutrality of the process that frames the evaluation of candidates, within the framework of the law of 5 September 2018 for the freedom to choose one’s professional future and its application decrees.
CDE FEDE France develops reflections with a college of international researchers and has a research platform dedicated to the problem of professionalisation and the anticipation of new professions.
The certification frameworks are designed by researchers and professionals. They combine theory, practical application and field situations in France and abroad.