The Scientific Committee

A prestigious Scientific Committee for an ambitious FEDE Research Institute!

The FEDE, committed to offering everyone the means to think and act correctly has created a Research Institute, dedicated to the science of education and the problematic of professionalization and new professions.

The FEDE Research Institute intends to show that new ideas help companies to innovate, transform and increase effectiveness and that knowledge should be put to the service of education and employment and that grey matter can and should constitute an unquestionable added value for companies of today and tomorrow.

Placed under the direct supervision of Pr Jean-Louis Bischoff, the FEDE Research Institute relies on a scientific council of 10 international personalities recognized for their expertise and their international networks.

The Scientific Committee of the FEDE Research Institute is…

Jean-Louis Bischoff
Scientific Director


Jean-Louis Bischoff is a doctor of Philosophy from the School of Higher Studies/École Pratique des Hautes Études, France, qualified in research management direction (Artois University).
He is a graduate from the Institute of training for the Study and teaching of Religions (IFER), associate researcher (Texts and cultures laboratory – in-house team « Literature and cultures of childhood and youth/Robinson Center») at the Artois University.
As a specialist in trends, Jean-Louis Bischoff has always worked in the music, communication and entertainment industries: from the production of music performances (Élysée Montmartre), and cinematographic (Max Linder), to communication assignments (Youth Card for the secretary of State for Youth and Sports, Lille, City Hall and the  French National Lottery.

A professor of Philosophy in higher education, visiting lecturer in different art and luxury schools of higher education and the Higher Institute of Pedagogy (ISP) in Paris on the themes of creation and modern trends, Jean-Louis Bischoff proposes research on the philosophy of religions, the reconfiguration of believing and the sacred contemporary pop-culture, la perception of trends, the philosophy of education and the philosophical esthetic.

Jean-Louis Bischoff is the FEDE Director of Research, the FEDE scientific Director and Director of the Trends division.

Alain Tobelem
Scientific Director


Alain Tobelem is a doctor of Economic Development (Sorbonne University-Paris), qualified in research management direction (University of Nice, France).
He graduated in Political Science from the Institute of Higher Studies for Latin America, from CELSA-Sorbonne, and the Sorbonne – Paris (Hispanic and Lusitanian languages and civilizations).
Quadrilingual (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese), proficient in German, Italian, Arabic and Chinese, Alain Tobelem has worked in more than 75 countries for a number of international organizations:

  • At the International Center for Development (CID) in Paris beside Josué de Castro (Geo-political scientist on hunger)
  • At UNESCO as an expert in functional adult education and then in economy and education financing
  • At the World Bank as an expert in education financing, then as the main expert in institutional development.
  • At the International Work Bureau (BIT) as project manager for the Minister of Work from Brazil.

Qualified in research management direction, he teaches management, project management and economic intelligence at CERAM (Sophia Antipolis, France), at the National School of Administration in Portugal, the International Institute of Public Administration (IIAP, the ENA program-France), in the ENA in Tunisia and Rabat.

He also teaches methodology and research in several international universities: Nice, Shanghai and Hanoi.

Alain Tobelem is director of the FEDE Governance division of the doctoral school.

Jean-Noël Vallée
Scientific Director


Jean-Noël Vallée is a doctor of Medicine (Necker University– Paris V), laureate of the Faculty of Medicine, qualified in research management direction in Neurosciences.
He is equally a doctor of Physical Sciences (PhD) (Paris 13), graduated (3rd cycle) from the Faculty of Arts (Lyon 3), graduated (2nd cycle) from the Institute of Business Administration (Lyon 3), graduated from a higher engineering university, National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA Lyon) and holds an International Certificate « 4D Road Map » (worked on the cellular composition of the brain in 4D).
A graduate in Radiology and Medical imagery, Radiosurgury and Stereotaxic Radiotherapy, Jean-Noël Vallée is a specialist in Neuroradiology Diagnostics and Intervention. He brings his expertise of endovascular interventions:  brain aneurysms, vascular malformations or spine interventions.
He is a former intern and former Assistant Head of Clinic and Hospitals in Paris.
Jean-Noël Vallée is director of the Innovation division of the FEDE doctoral school.

Jean Michel Quillardet – expert in Society, Law, Human Rights and Secularism


Jean-Michel Quillardet is a lawyer on the Paris Bar Association.
He founded the International Observatory of secularism against social delinquency with Antoine Sfeir in November 2008 and continues as president.
He is equally vice-President of the commission «questions of society, education to human rights» for the National commission on human rights, an independent organization, close to the Prime Minister.
He is a doctor of law, founded a chair on secularism at Science-po (Political Science), Bordeaux, France and is in charge of the teaching of secularism at the University of Evry (France).

Antoine Godbert – Expert in European Relations and Education Policies


Antoine Godbert   is president of the European Association for professional education.  He is equally a municipal advisor to a city of 150 000 inhabitants in charge of higher education and European relations.
With a teaching certification in geography, he was a diplomatic advisor to the national minister of Education and director of the Erasmus+ France education and training agency. Former student of the National School of Administration (ENA) and the higher education institution ENS in Fontenay-Saint-Cloud, France, Antoine Godbert was a journalist, manager of a production studio for educational and teaching videos and teacher-researcher in geo-politics at the ESCP-EAP (a European business school), respectively.

Séverine Dupuy Busson
expert in Law and Communication


Séverine Dupuy Busson is a lawyer on the Paris Bar Association and a doctor of law (University of Paris II-Panthéon – Assas)
DEA graduate in Law and Communication from the University of Paris II-Panthéon – Assas) and with a « Certificate in Advanced English » (Cambridge University), Sandrine Dupuy Busson specializes in questions of Penal Law, Copyright Law and rights of the press.
She is the author of a number of articles published in different law revues.

Aurel Ardelean
Expert in Science and Biology


Aurel Ardelean is Rector-founder and President of the Vasile Goldis University in Arad, Romania.
Former Romanian senator, he is an accredited member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, author of more than 100 books and 300 scientific articles.
He equally has a doctorate in biological sciences.
Aurel Ardelean is Vice-president of the FEDE.

Ylljet Aliçka – Expert in International Relations and Cultural Politics


Ylljet Aliçka is an Albanian writer and scenarist.
Former Albanian ambassador to France, Monaco, Portugal and UNESCO he was nominated personal representative of the President of the Republic for the International Organization of French-speaking countries.
Doctor and professor of didactic science, he is the author of a number of novels, short stories and scenarios, and has regularly received international Festival awards. Notably, he wrote the scenario for the Franco-Albanian film « Slogans » selected by the Cannes Film Festival, winner of the youth prize (« Best Foreign Film» category), film proposed by Albania in the 74th Oscars ceremony for the « Oscar for the best film in a foreign language » category.

François-Bernard Huyghe
Expert in Information Technology and Strategy


François-Bernard Huygue is a geo-political scientist.
A doctor of Political Science, qualified in research management direction in information and communication sciences, he is the Director of research at the Institute of International Relations and Strategies (IRIS) where he created the Geostrategic Observatory of information online.
François-Bernard Huyghe was a television director, then an international public servant in the sector of « Communication Culture » at UNESCO.
He is a member of the scientific superior Council of training and research strategies, public speaker, and author of some twenty works.

Michel Maffesoli
expert in Sociology and the Humanities


After studies in philosophy, theology and sociology, Michel Maffesoli received a doctorate in Sociology and then a doctorate in Languages and Humanities.
Michel Maffesoli has an honorary doctorate from the Minho University in Braga, Portugal, the University of Bucharest, Romania, the PUC of Porto Alegre, Brazil, the Autonomy and State University of Mexico, Mexico.
Professor emeritus at the Paris-Descartes University, he is a member of the Academic Institute of France and the European Academy of Arts and Sciences. He runs the Center for Studies on Current and Daily life (CEAQ) and the Center for Research on the Imaginary (CRI). Michel Maffesoli is also the administrator of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).
Rewarded for his academic work he received the Essai Andrée Gautier award in 1990 for his book « Au Creux des apparences » and the Grand Prize for Human Sciences from the French Academy in 1992 for « La Transfiguration du Politique », he continues his rich professorial career in France as well as abroad.
Michel Maffesoli is a major figure in the intellectual realm in Europe and the world.

Abdelhak Moutawakkil – Expert on Education, Training and Human Resources


Abdelhak Moutawakkil holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (dual degree delivered by the ENPC National School of Civil Engineering and the Pierre and Marie Curie – Paris VI University).

He served as the Director of the Moroccan Bureau of Professional Training and Job Promotion (OFPPT), National Director of the fight against illiteracy at the Moroccan Ministry of Social Development, Solidarity and Employment, and Educational Director of the MBA program of the National Civil Engineering and Hassania Schools in Morocco, and as the Director of Forma-Dev Consultants (a consultancy agency specialized in education, training and human resources).

Abdelhak Moutawakkil is the Chairman of Sup RH, a management and human resources management institute in Morocco.