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Over 500 institutions have chosen the FEDE… Why not join us?!

FEDE membership enables private higher and vocational educational institutions to benefit from the support and reputation of the FEDE – an international non-governmental organisation (INGO) and supranational institution with participatory status at the Council of Europe.

The FEDE closely follows developments in the higher and vocational education sector and offers guidance to its member institutions across the world by:

  • including them in a structured network of over 500 international institutions in order to promote educational cooperation, interinstitutional networking and international exchanges (student and teacher mobility);
  • promoting the international transferability of our educational programmes thanks to identical teaching guidelines and qualifications thanks to identical teaching guidelines and qualifications across the network;
  • offering a range of tools to help institutions to develop their activities, no matter where they are in the world.

The FEDE therefore offers its member institutions the opportunity to:

broaden their course catalogues

– by offering FEDE European degrees covering all educational levels: Foundation Degree, European Bachelor’s and European Master’s;

– by offering a degree representing the highest international academic achievement: the FEDE DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration), offered through the FEDE Doctoral School;

offer internationally oriented programmes

– by offering All-in-English educational programmes resulting in the awarding of FEDE European degrees at two levels: European Bachelor’s and European Master’s;

– by offering dual diplomas combining an institutional qualification and a FEDE intercultural studies diploma la FEDE (available at bachelor’s and master’s levels);

obtain accreditation for its educational programmes;

enrich their students’ learning experience

by providing a large range of educational resources to complement the study process;

– providing member institutions with the research findings and publications of the FEDE Research Institute – an international community of researchers, academics and PhD students.

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    How to join the FEDE

    Stage 1: information

    Contact the FEDE by email at or by using the above contact form in order to obtain information on the FEDE and its activities or to begin the membership application process.

     Etape 2: application

    Candidate institutions must fill out the and return it to the FEDE accompanied by:

    • any document to support the membership application;
    • all the evidence requested;
    • the application fee;
    • membership fees (to be processed only if the institution is officially admitted by the FEDE’s sovereign body – the Committee).

    The institution must familiarise itself with the detailed membership procedure.

    Etape 3: examination of the application

    Complete applications are studied by the FEDE Presidency.

    If considered necessary by the Presidency, a competent and impartial FEDE representative will be designated to visit the institution and issue his/her opinion on its suitability for membership.

    The Presidency will include the candidate institution’s membership application in the agenda of the FEDE Committee and will present the application to the Committee members.

    The FEDE Committee will arrive at a decision concerning the admission of the candidate institution. One of the following decisions will be issued: favourable, unfavourable, further investigation required.

    The FEDE Committee meets once per quarter.

    Stage 4: membership

    If the Committee issues a favourable decision:

    The Presidency includes the newly admitted institution in the register of FEDE member institutions.

    The institution must pay the membership fee for the current year.

    Stage 5: the institution becomes a FEDE member

    The new FEDE member joins the network and is entitled to the full range of FEDE tools and services.

    As soon as the institution has been definitively admitted, it may, in conformity with the FEDE Statutes and Rules of Procedure:

    • use the FEDE’s logos and symbols in its publications;
    • enrol its students in FEDE examinations and qualifications and offer them the tools and services provided by the FEDE to its member institutions: European degrees, international accreditations, the FEDE DBA, Dual Degrees, learning resources, FEDE publications etc.;
    • participate in the FEDE’s activities;
    • benefit from the support of the European organisation with participatory status at the Council of Europe.