Dual Diplomas

Dual Diplomas


The FEDE offers two dual-qualification programmes – its Dual Diplomas:

One Bachelor’s level Dual Diploma:
  • The FEDE Diploma in Intercultural Relations
One Master’s level Dual Diploma:
  • The FEDE Diploma in International Governance

The Dual Diplomas demonstrate knowledge of international geopolitics, the ability to adapt to a globalised world and an understanding of international professional codes (language, professional culture, access to global job markets).

The FEDE’s Dual Diplomas have been designed to equip students with a double set of skills:
professional skills via the institution issued qualification;
international skills via an add-on FEDE diploma.

– to boost students’ CVs and international job prospects;
– to allow students to combine professional expertise and intercultural skills

Why opt for a FEDE Dual Diploma?

1. The FEDE’s Dual Diplomas are a mark of academic excellence.

They enable students to decode the contemporary world and better understand how it works, how it is organised and how it is affected by globalisation.

Dual Diploma students explore a range of contemporary and emerging European and international challenges: economic, social, societal, political, geopolitical and sociological.

All the content of the FEDE’s Dual Diplomas has been designed and developed by the FEDE’s research and publication lab – the FEDE Research Institute – in collaboration with our team of teachers, researchers, professionals and international experts.

The FEDE Research Institute ensures the Dual Diplomas are:

  • educationally useful;
  • academically excellent; 
  • professionally oriented; 
  • internationally oriented.

2. The FEDE Dual Diplomas jumpstart careers

The FEDE Dual Diplomas furnished students with a double set of skills and expertise that is highly sought after by recruiters:

– professional skills via the institution-issued qualification;
– international or European skills
via the add-on FEDE diploma.

The Dual Diplomas are springboards towards international careers. Students stand out as possessing not only expertise in their professional field but also a good grounding in international economic, financial and managerial issues.

3. The FEDE Dual Diplomas are a passport to global awareness and international careers

The Dual Diplomas arm students with additional credentials:

  • institutional or national credentials (via their institution- or national body-issued qualification);
  • international and European credentials (via the FEDE – a supranational organisation holding participatory status at the Council of Europe).

The Dual Diploma provides a double qualification that ensures students’ credibility in the eyes of professionals, economic actors and institutions across the world!