Chairwoman’s Editorial

President's Editorial

Perhaps we don’t remember it enough! There is only one Europe, the one with the most efficient knowledge-based economy. The one that prides itself on being at peace for two generations. The one that the whole world envies us for the attractiveness of its higher and vocational education on all continents.
To join the FEDE project is first of all to rejoice in participating in this Europe of success, trust and solidarity.

It also means knowing how to be enthusiastic about taking part with determination in the formidable development of the common international space of education, rich in exponential growth, nourished by exchanges and mobility.

Finally, it means being proud to affirm that education is the bearer of ideals: those of democratic resistance to unilateral obscurantism in the name of universal values affirming human rights and in particular the right to education.

Joining the FEDE network also means first and foremost wanting to think about a new approach for our younger generations, who are both worried about the geopolitical upheavals of the century and full of confidence in their own capacities, which we must help to develop and strengthen.

Above all, it is a mark of confidence in this Europe of innovation and imagination that all European citizens are calling for, a Europe proud of its youth, confident in its enterprises that create diversified wealth and more concerned with the opportunities of the future than with the sclerotic certainties of the past.

In a century of doubt and uncertainty, it is the strengthening of long-term networks that will affirm positive stability. The FEDE is the largest network of higher education and vocational training institutions, created in Europe in 1963 and now established throughout the world. Every year, the FEDE brings together more than 15,000 new learners with ideas for progress. The FEDE is an exceptional alumni network and a community of over 200,000 people. By joining the FEDE you offer your students this immense network which allows them to find a job, to blossom and to build a world of solidarity. 

Joining the FEDE schools’ network is to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge, the sharing of good practice and the building of partnerships worldwide. 

Joining the FEDE means participating together in the training of future democratic citizens in a sustainable environment. 

Claude Vivier Le Got, President of the FEDE and Chair of the Education & Culture Committee of the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe