Examination results for the January 2022 session will be available on this page in the afternoon of Tuesday 15th February

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You will find all the information needed for enrolment in the ‘FEDE examinations’ menu of the FEDE website. If you have any further questions please email: mailbox@fede.education

What do I need to do to be awarded my degree?

In order to be awarded your degree you must take the examination for each subject and meet the following three requirements:

  1. Have an overall average mark of at least 10/20
    The average is calculated on the basis both of the marks achieved and the weighting accorded to each subject, i.e. each CU (credit-bearing unit).
  2. Have an average of at least 6/20 across each Teaching Unit (TU)
    The marks achieved in each CU do not all have to be greater than or equal to 6/20. However, the average mark across each Teaching Unit (TU) must be greater than or equal to 6/20.

The TUs are: European Culture and Citizenship, Modern Language, Professional Expertise (and NITC and Entrepreneurial Culture for the European Professional Skills Diploma only).

  1. Not have a mark of 0/20 in any CU

When are degree certificates and transcripts posted?


For the January 2022 session, transcripts will be sent from 1st March 2022.

  • to your institution;
  • or directly to your home address if you are an independent candidate.

Degree certificates

For the January 2022 session, diplomas will be sent from 15th March 2022.

  • to your institution;
  • or directly to your home address if you are an independent candidate.

What subject should I resit if I have failed my degree?

It is possible to resit individual subject(s) of your choice if obtaining a higher mark will allow you to meet the conditions for your degree. Enrolment in a resit examination automatically cancels the mark you obtained when you sat the examination previously.

Note that certain subjects consist of two separate tests (for example, the Modern Language test at bachelor’s level is composed of a writing test and a speaking test). In such cases it is possible to enrol to retake one of the tests and not the other.

After failing your degree, you have a period of five years in which to resit the subjects required in order to successfully obtain your qualification. Before enrolling you are advised to check the dates on the examinations page on the FEDE website so as to be certain that the test(s) you wish to take are available during your chosen examination session.

How can I enrol in one or more resit examinations?

There are two ways of enrolling:

    1. Through a FEDE member institution (at the discretion of each institution)
      The member institution chosen can enrol you using the same procedure as for initial (non-resit) enrolments. In this case you will take your examination(s) as a candidate at that institution, provided it is an examination centre.
    2. As an independent candidate
      In this case you will take your examination(s) at a host examination centre depending on availability. Please see the ‘You are an independent candidate…’ section on the FEDE examinations page of our website.

Do I need to have obtained sufficiently good marks in the first year of my master’s programme in order to begin the second year?

The FEDE master’s degree is a two-year programme. It is not divided into two qualifications (unlike many French ‘master 1’ and ‘master 2’ programmes).

The final calculation determining whether or not you have successfully obtained your degree will be made once you have taken all your examinations after two years of study. It is therefore not necessary to resit your first-year examinations at the end of the first year. You may, however, choose to do so if you have obtained one or more poor marks that are likely to impact on whether or not you obtain your degree.

Is it possible to have further information on my examination results or appeal my marks?

Please use the forms below to find out about the conditions for consulting your examination papers and, where relevant, appealing your result: