Who can join the FEDE?

All body corporations, institutions, schools and independent educational organisations that share the same values as the European Federation of Schools, particularly regarding the creation of a genuine European education area and the freedom of teaching.

What is the procedure to join the FEDE?

The first step is contacting the Lyon offices.
After this first exchange, you will be sent documentation about the FEDE, the statuses, rules and regulations and a subscription form to fill in. This form needs to be sent back along with information documents about your institution such as brochures, photos, leaflets, CD-Rom as well as the right of entry regulations. The annual contribution will be due after validation of the form by the Committee.
The requests are analysed and transferred to the FEDE Committee which is entitled to decide on the appointment of members.
An official letter will inform you of the Committee’s decision and, if necessary, will present the procedure to complete your subscription.

When, during the year, can we join?

Membership requests can be done all year long. However, the FEDE Committee only gets together twice a year in March or April and in October to decide on the appointments.

What are the prerequisite conditions to join?

• The official existence of the school. An official registration of the school as an educational organisation is required.
• The school must have existed for at least one year.

Can an institution use the FEDE logo while waiting for its appointment?

No. No institution waiting for its appointment can use the FEDE logo or communicate about its membership to the FEDE. These types of information can only be communicated after validation of the membership.
Moreover, no institution can present candidates to FEDE exams before having been appointed by the Committee.

How is a multi-entity group membership appointment organised?

A group composed of several entities will fill in only one membership request that will be studied. Each entity will then be able to join the FEDE by supplying information about its own organisation; however the form will be accepted with no prior instruction by the FEDE.
The entry right will be considered for the whole group. The annual due for the current year should be paid by each entity requesting membership.
All the entities of group must answer to the same organizational and educational methods, and be administratively linked to the group.
The notion of group should be validated by the FEDE at the start of the membership procedure.

Is the appointment decision of the Committee final?

The Committee decides on the membership requests. However, to make this decision final, and to benefit from the FEDE services, each institution must pay off the entry rights and the current annual due.
The entry right is for institutions that join the FEDE for the first time. It is fixed every year by the Executive Council.
The annual due is established for each calendar year. The amount is generally fixed by the Executive Council. A dues report is sent to every member school at the beginning of each calendar year.

What is the status of a school once it has been appointed by the FEDE Committee?

An institution, settled in a European Council member country (47 countries), that just joined becomes an “affiliate member” for a probation period during which no power nor responsibility can be asked from the FEDE. The school becomes a “permanent member” after the General Assembly.
On the contrary, a school that doesn’t belong to a European Council member country gets the “observant member” title: this school would benefit from the same services as an “affiliate member” with the exception of the right to vote.
For more information, consult the « Statuses of the FEDE » and the « Rules and regulations ».

What are the obligations for an institution that has just been tenured?

Within the two years that follow its tenure, the school must come present itself during the new member sessions of the annual General Assembly.

What might the reasons of delisting be?

Not following the rules and regulations of the FEDE.
• Any action that could impair the FEDE.
• Not paying the annual due for two consecutive years.

Is the number of diplomas a school can offer limited for new members?

From the moment a school becomes a member, it can offer all FEDE diplomas provided it can implement the pedagogy required by the diploma specialty.

What is accreditation?

The FEDE accreditation evaluates a specific FEDE professional programme through questionnaires and an online audit.
The training programmes for which an accreditation is demanded must be specifically different from the contents of the FEDE programmes proposed in the general exams guide.
The professional programme accredited by the FEDE is managed by the school who asks for it.
In order for the accredited professional programme to lead to taking a FEDE diploma, candidates must take the European culture and citizenship teaching unit and the European languages unit, according to the level required.

For further information please contact the FEDE.