FEDE Accreditation


In order to raise the profile of the quality training provided at FEDE schools, the FEDE offers to accredit, after conducting an audit, the programme(s) of study of its member schools.

In order to guarantee the quality of the education and training they provide, the FEDE audits and accredits the programme(s) offered by its member institutions.

FEDE accreditation is a prestigious quality guarantee that boosts an institution’s reputation. Accreditation:

  • legitimises an institution’s programmes in the eyes of international actors such as businesses, international organisations and the European institutions;
  • means the institution’s programmes have been audited by an internationally renowned, independent and supranational educational organisation holding participatory status at the Council of Europe;
  • provides international recognition, thereby promoting educational programmes in niche, innovative and region-specific subject areas.
  • adds to your programme a modern European language assessment module and a FEDE European Culture and Citizenship module.
FEDE accreditation testifies to:
  • the quality and academic excellence of the programmes taught by FEDE institutions as well as graduates’ employment prospects on the contemporary job market
  • programmes’ ongoing educational innovation, ensuring students are equipped for contemporary and future job roles
  • the programmes’ vocational focus: they are a passport to the job market
  • the programmes’ up-to-date content and international orientation