FEDE regularly holds informative breakfasts. Due to the current situation related to the Covid-19, the breakfasts are organized in the form of webinars.   

Five subjects will be addressed during the webinars:   

1. Qualifications registered in the RNCP
2. Professional skills certificates registered in the French RNCP or RS
3. the FEDE Language Certificate
4. the FEDE accreditation
5.  The FEDE approval 

1. Offer bachelor’s, master’s and MBA degrees that earn your students qualifications registered in the French RNCP (Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle) 

The FEDE currently offers two level-seven qualifications (IT Project Manager and Human Resources Director) and one level-six qualification (Marketing and Commercial Manager) registered in the RNCP and enjoying European recognition. The qualifications are available in English and French and can be obtained over one or more years of full- or part-time distance or classroom study. The teaching guidelines are tailored to FEDE institutions. 

The qualifications are eligible for French professional training funding and are included in certain FEDE bachelor’s, master’s and MBA degrees. 

2.Enrich your course catalogue with professional skills certificates registered in the French RNCP or RS  

 26 FEDE qualifications have been officially registered with the French government body France compétences. Tailored to contemporary workplace issues, the certificates enjoy recognition by professionals, recruiters and economic actors. They can be earned in the context of full-time education (student status), apprenticeship or sandwich training, continuing education, a French professionalisation contract, by individual applicants or on the basis of equivalent professional experience. The FEDE’s certificates are eligible for French professional training funding. 

3. Certify your students’ language skills with the FEDE Language Certificate

The FEDE language test is available to both students and professionals wishing to boost their CVs with an official qualification that is welcomed by employers. Our Language Certificate is officially recognised by the Institut de la Francophonie pour l’Education et la Formation (IFEF). The FEDE is also an official affiliate of ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe). 

The Certificate, which is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, is available in six languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese) and at four CEFR levels: A2/B1/B2 and C1. 

4. Promote your institution’s qualifications internationally thanks to FEDE accreditation  

The FEDE can transform an institutional degree or certificate into a FEDE European qualifications that awards students with ECTS credits and helps vehicle European values. We will guide you through all stages of building your accredited degree and producing the corresponding programme guidelines. 

European qualifications available: certificate, foundation degree, bachelor’s, master’s and MBA. 

5.  Increase recognition of the expertise furnished by your institution’s qualifications thanks to official FEDE approval  

Thanks to the reputation and prestige with which it is associated, FEDE approval lends legitimacy to your institution’s qualifications in the eyes of economic and international institutional actors. FEDE approval demonstrates that a programme has been audited and approved by an independent supranational institution. It also increases the visibility of highly specific or innovative programmes, thereby attracting more students. FEDE approval is granted on the basis of quality, academic excellence and educational innovation in line with job market needs. 

Would you like to extend your course catalogue with professional qualifications or FEDE European degrees? 

Would you like to offer the FEDE Language Certificate? 

Would you like to build your own FEDE-accredited European degree? 

Would you like to have your qualifications officially approved by the FEDE? 

For full details of future FEDE webinars, register by writing to  

Practical information 

  • Bluejeans platform (please create a free account)
  • Duration of each webinar: 30 minutes  
  • Registration required:  
  • The FEDE will send a password and link to all registered participants
  • Language of webinar: French or English 
  • FEDE webinar leaders: Bora Yeon and David Cousy 


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