European Bachelor's

European Bachelor’s in International Trade

Educational level: BACHELOR EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: commerce - marketing - communication - médias

With the globalisation of markets and the increasing interconnection of different economic sectors and activities, both small and medium-sized businesses need capable staff able to promote their economic growth and commercial strategy. The Bachelor’s in International Trade aims to train contemporary commercial managers and international actors, providing them with both technical import-export skills and an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of international trade.

  • International affairs trade manager
  • Export zone sales manager
  • International commerce manager
  • Sales manager
  • Import purchaser
  • International purchasing manager
  • Services salesperson for an international multimodal transport agency
  • Understand a business environment
  • Be able to establish a commercial strategy: assess a business’s export capacity and staff performance; carry out a commercial export development project via a coherent marketing mix; coordinate a commercial network in a multicultural context; develop an effective communications plan in a multicultural context
  • Be able to develop and manage an import-export service
  • Be able to negotiate in a multicultural context
  • Be able to manage risks associated with international operations by introducing appropriate procedures
  • Be able to manage and adjust to the multimodality of actors
  1. The environment of international markets
  2. International business development
  3. International sales