European Bachelor's

European Bachelor’s in IT, Networks and Security

Educational level: BACHELOR EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Informatique - Digital - Technologie

In the digital era, information security and respect for data have become a priority for organisations, who must look ahead and put in place systems to protect their clients, business partners and users.

The European Bachelor’s in IT, Networks and Security gives students the solid technical skills needed to detect faults but also, and above all, to analyse systems in advance so as to ensure their security. Employees in the field must be able to adopt a project-oriented approach and to keep learning throughout their careers so as to keep abreast of ongoing technological and digital advances.

  • IT Technician
  • Security and Information Networks Technician
  • Systems and Networks Administrator
  • Gain knowledge relevant to information security
  • Be familiar with security standards
  • Master counter-attack techniques and tools for operating systems and networks
  • Implement a security plan
  • Identify and correct faults in an DBMS
  • Master certificate management
  • Have a basic knowledge of cryptology
  • Be comfortable working with sales contracts on e-commerce sites
  1. IT Basics
  2. Security Basics and IT Law
  3. Information System Security