European Bachelor's

European Bachelor’s: Payroll Manager

Educational level: BACHELOR EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Management - Organisational strategy - Human resources

Previously managed by the accounting or HR departments, payroll has become a distinct section within companies. Indeed, payroll is not just about paying staff: as a source of staff motivation (or demotivation), it is a veritable strategic tool, and has consequently become an essential aspect of management. Payroll managers and their team oversee staff pay, carry out staff administration tasks, select payroll monitoring tools and conduct payroll audits. The European Bachelor’s: Payroll Manager provides students with an introduction to payroll skills, labour law and staff administration as well as team management methods.

  • Payroll administrator
  • Payroll manager
  • Social security manager for an accounting firm
  • HR officer
  • Personnel administration officer
  • Pay project manager
  • Develop payroll techniques
  • Be able to carry out payroll accounting
  • Be familiar with the applicable regulations
  • Be able to supervise the payroll service
  • Be able to carry out a payroll audit
  • Be able to manage a payroll
  • Be able to conduct payroll-related legal, regulatory and fiscal intelligence
  1. Labour law and payroll techniques
  2. Payroll software and digitalisation of payroll management and accounting
  3. Payroll auditing and control; management and supervision of the payroll service