European Bachelor's

European Bachelor’s: Webmaster

Educational level: BACHELOR EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: commerce - marketing - communication - médias

Digital technology is causing profound internal and external changes in the workplace. All organisations — commercial, cultural, social and institutional — are concerned. In order to meet these new challenges, employers seek professionals with solid operational, technical and people skills.

Successful webmasters are advanced technicians who are able to implement the right tools at the right time and, depending on their post, use their skills as developer’s or support technicians. Creativity and the ability to design a project that matches the story and the goals of a given company are valuable skills for designing websites and creating online content.

  • Webmaster
  • Community Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Online Content Writer
  • Developer
  • Online Project Manager
  • Support Technician
  • Understand the various strategic stages of a project
  • Perform key website administration tasks
  • Use the most common web development software and programming languages
  • Design attractive, user-friendly web pages
  • Understand the commercial and marketing functions of a website
  1. Project Management and Digital Literacy
  2. Key Tools for Website Development and Management
  3. Graphic Design for Websites