European Bachelor's

European Bachelor’s in Real Estate (Transactions Option)

Educational level: BACHELOR EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: commerce - marketing - communication - médias

The real estate sector is at the crossover between the financial, economic and social sectors. In recent years the sector has undergone numerous upheavals that have led to major changes in professional practice. Whether they specialise in homes or property for investment, real estate professionals must be able to draw on a large bank of cultural, technical, regulatory and commercial knowledge.

The European Bachelor’s in Real Estate provides solid skills in marketing, law, insurance, architecture, urban planning, construction and environmental management. To complete their training, students also take a specialisation unit in either property transactions or property management.

  • Property Negotiator
  • Client Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Rentals Manager
  • Condominium Manager
  • Property Administrator
  • Manage a real estate agency
  • Provide clients with financial advice
  • Help clients realise their plans
  • Understand how properties are valued
  • Conduct a property transaction
  • Understand an insurance contract
  • Understand the professional regulations governing the sector
  • Master canvassing and sales techniques
  • Manage housing rentals
  • Be familiar with details of tax exemption and depreciation as relevant to rentals
  • Can manage condominiums and corporate property
  • Conclude property management services contracts
  • Network effectively
  1. Marketing, Law and Insurance
  2. Architecture, Urban Planning, Construction and the Environment
  3. Specialisation: Transactions or Management