European Bachelor's

European Bachelor’s in Wealth Management, Insurance and Banking and Real Estate

Educational level: BACHELOR EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Banque - Finance - Assurance - Patrimoine

Careers in the finance sector are as varied as its clients. Whether in the context of a consulting firm, an insurance company or a bank, clients seeking wealth management services require a special approach: highly knowledgeable, they expect personalised, expert advice from professionals possessing excellent people, sales and technical skills.

Numerous actors proposing services in the sector have chosen to strengthen or develop their strategy in order to meet the needs of these high-profile clients. Wealth management offers a wide range of opportunities, all with excellent career prospects.

  • Wealth Management Advisor
  • Elite Private Client Advisor
  • Wealth and Investment Advisor
  • Independent Wealth Management Advisor
  • Real Estate Advisor
  • Pension Advisor
  • Develop and manage a client portfolio
  • Manage an investment portfolio
  • Provide clients with optimal legal, fiscal and financial advice, particularly as regards identifying and preventing legal risks
  • Manage and optimise the development of property assets
  • Use Internet-based IT tools to establish a services marketing plan
  • Manage and optimally develop property assets
  • Gain a global vision of an organisation’s accounting and financial activity and conduct a wealth and financial assessment
  1. European Regulations
  2. Wealth Consulting
  3. Management: Marketing Services, Negotiation and Client Canvassing Techniques, Financial Management