Bachelor européen

European Bachelor’s in Finance

Educational level: BACHELOR EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Banque - Finance - Assurance - Patrimoine

In the contemporary economic and business environment, companies must analyse and anticipate market changes in order to ensure their survival and accelerate growth.

Depending on the size of the company, and in order to ensure effective budget control, companies require professionals with extensive accounting skills who have an expert knowledge of financial operations and capital management. Other companies are choosing to use the services of accounting firms.

For those keen to learn specialist skills and take on an active leadership role, a range of finance-related positions are available in the banking sector, chartered accountancy firms, SMEs and larger organisations.

  • Chartered Accountant in an accounting firm
  • Accountant for an SME or freelance accountant specialised in cash flow management or management auditing
  • Administrative and Finance Assistant
  • Management Auditor’s Assistant
  • Wealth Manager
  • Financial Advisor (banking and insurance)
  • Assistant Financial Auditor
  • Conduct financial analyses
  • Conduct management auditing
  • Manage client and supplier accounts
  • Apply advanced accounting techniques
  • Manage a company’s finances and cash flow: take steps to improve cost-efficiency
  • Take charge of cash flow statements: monitor a company’s activities, introduce corrective measures where necessary and check their efficacy
  • Examine offers made by financial organisations and choose the most suitable
  1. Advanced Accounting and Financial Analysis
  2. Corporate Legal and Tax Environment
  3. Specialisation Module