European Bachelor's

European Bachelor’s in SME Management

Educational level: BACHELOR EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Management - Organisational strategy - Human resources

Whether specialised in commerce or distribution, SMEs offer a dynamic and competitive working environment with exciting career prospects. Extensive management and administrative skills are essential in order to guide and support a business’s strategy.

Those providing managerial and administrative support to SMEs need the ability to analyse and to take decisions based on extensive and specialised knowledge of taxation and accounting, business communications, human resources and sales.

Autonomy and flexibility are essential qualities for those whose task is to help a business grow and thrive; but equally important is the ability to ensure efficient workplace organisation.

  • Administrative and Financial Manager
  • Management Advisor
  • Profit Centre Manager
  • Agency Manager
  • SME Organisation Consultant
  • Senior General Services Employee
  • Administrative and Financial Policy Officer
  • Assistant Administrative and Financial Manager for a large company
  • Conduct effective internal and external communications
  • Monitor management indicators and produce summary documents
  • Calculate intermediate operating totals and profitability ratios
  • Produce cash flow forecasts
  • Have an advanced knowledge of accounting and auditing so as to guide a business’s development
  • Apply basic business accounting principles and legal rules
  • Introduce management strategies and assist with management operations
  • Understand and implement a human resources policy
  1. Business Management: Law and Accounting
  2. Business Management: Tax and Sales
  3. Communications, Management and Human Resources