Bachelor européen

European Diploma of Higher Education for Managerial Assistants

The managerial assistant is the manager’s right hand.  With a mastery of IT skills, the role of managerial assistant requires adaptability and effective multi-tasking, with the discretion required of one working closely with the CEO.

Managerial assistant to medium- to large-sized companies

  • Communication skills (written communication both documentary and visual, oral communication)
  • Managing written and numerical data
  • Activity and project management
  • Planning and allocating the necessary funds for the implementation of business strategies
  • Undertaking follow-ups and reports on various activities within the firm
  • Researching and using documentary sources
  • Compiling and maintaining up-to-date dossiers
  • Organising and maintaining documents

Research and information management / General accountancy / Project management / Interior financial analysis / Human resources management / Company management / IT skills / Accountancy, fiscal and social management / Cost controlling / Written and oral communication