Mastère européen

European Master’s Degree in Information Technology

Educational level: MASTERE EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Informatique - Digital - Technologie

Key elements in the functioning of the company and the link with consumers, IT and technological developments are profoundly changing our daily lives. In order to stay up to date, guarantee proper functioning, protect against malicious attacks, continue to operate and grow, organisations develop operating tools, networks, applications or programmes.

It is in a context of strong digitalisation that opportunities are multiplying for professions linked to the development of databases, network administration and security. Organisations looking for complete profiles with solid fundamental and technical skills are ready to welcome young graduates trained in the latest developments.

Thanks to the training path and proven professional practice during a long internship, the learner will be able to conduct an analysis of the company’s environment and issue recommendations. With this first step into action, the first job placement will be easier.

Head of System Security Project Manager System Consultant ICT Auditor Project manager for application development
  • Configuring connectional equipment, analysing and diagnosing problems
  • Implementing security strategies
  • Using UML language models, using object language
  • Studying the weak spots in security on operating systems
  • Mastery of hardware and software on networked systems
  • How to perform an audit, collect data and analyse needs
  • How to write specifications and analyse costs and risks inherent to a project
Network administration / IT asset management / Informational systems security / Network security / Operating systems administration / Application and data-base development / Routing and network connections    Networked systems / Advanced programming / Real-time and on-board systems / Creation of specifications / Object data-bases