Mastère européen

European Masters in Information Technology

Educational level: MASTERE EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Informatique - Digital - Technologie

Head of System Security
Project Manager
System Consultant
ICT Auditor
Project manager for application development

  • Configuring connectional equipment, analysing and diagnosing problems
  • Implementing security strategies
  • Using UML language models, using object language
  • Studying the weak spots in security on operating systems
  • Mastery of hardware and software on networked systems
  • How to perform an audit, collect data and analyse needs
  • How to write specifications and analyse costs and risks inherent to a project
Network administration / IT asset management / Informational systems security / Network security / Operating systems administration / Application and data-base development / Routing and network connections    Networked systems / Advanced programming / Real-time and on-board systems / Creation of specifications / Object data-bases