Foundation Degree: Communications Assistant

Educational level: FOUNDATION DEGREE
Areas of excellence: commerce - marketing - communication - médias

The Foundation Degree: Communications Assistant provides students with thorough training in communications, providing them with the basic skills needed to work in the sector. It also provides specialisation in commercial strategy. The degree focuses on the role played by new technology in contemporary society. It adopts both a theoretical and practical approach to communications and includes a compulsory internship, allowing students to apply their skills and prepare for their future role in the workplace. The Foundation Degree: Communications Assistant provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to study for the European Bachelor’s in Communications.

  • Communications assistant
  • Communications officer within a medium-sized or large organisation
  • Learn about business communications and acquire the corresponding essential basic notions
  • Learn about the quantitative research techniques and tools needed to process information
  • Acquire basic knowledge of the various quantitative and qualitative techniques used in commercial communications
  • Become familiar with commercial communications research and understand the logic behind businesses’ commercial communications strategies
  • Understand the functioning of companies and organisations, particularly those in the digital sector
  • Understand the digital communications environment, as well as web-specific language and research techniques
  • Understand digital communications technology and how to use multimedia and programming tools
  1. Companies and digital communications
  2. Business communications research and tools
  3. Prospecting, negotiation and strategy for commercial communications