Foundation degree SME management assistant

Educational level: FOUNDATION DEGREE
Areas of excellence: Management - Organisational strategy - Human resources

The SME management assistant intervenes in the administrative, commercial and accounting areas of a company to ensure its smooth running. The SME management assistant can work in SMEs as well as in a very small company. The SME management assistant works with all departments of a company. In constant contact with management, employees and customers, the professional must have good interpersonal skills and be an excellent communicator. As his or her decisions are often decisive for the future of the company, the SME management assistant must be methodical, rigorous and discreet. He (she) must have a strong sense of responsibility. At the end of the course, the training course takes the form of a dossier and an oral presentation based on a problem related to the company that has taken on the student.

  • Administrative and Financial Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Junior consultant in an SME
  • Sales assistant
  • Management assistant
  • Preparing the files and decisions of the SME's management
  • Follow up relations with customers and suppliers by organising appointments or managing mail
  • Take charge of the administrative management of staff by monitoring leave, absences, updating employee files
  • Managing cash flow and accounting for SMEs
  • Editing pay slips and tax and social security returns
  • To take care of internal and external communication to ensure the proper dissemination of information related to the life of the SME
  • The fundamentals of business and digital communication
  • Operational marketing and communication strategies
  • The accounting, financial and tax management of the company