Foundation Degree: Marketing Assistant

Educational level: FOUNDATION DEGREE
Areas of excellence: commerce - marketing - communication - médias

The Foundation Degree: Marketing Assistant is a two-year programme covering key marketing, legal and organisational skills for contemporary companies. Recent technological advances, along with the digital revolution and its impact on consumer behaviour, have led businesses to change how they function and to seek to adapt more rapidly to today’s constantly changing economic, commercial and legal contexts. The Foundation Degree: Marketing Assistant provides students with the tools needed to meet new market demands and adjust their business strategies to a changing context. On completing the course, students are ready to take up a post in marketing or commerce.

  • Business officer
  • Deputy shop manager
  • Assistant product manager
  • Assistant market research manager
  • Marketing assistant
  • Commercial assistant
  • Business Developer
  • Understand the changes brought about by new technology and be able to adapt accordingly
  • Understand the contemporary legal context and legal requirements for businesses and specifically e-businesses
  • Have a basic knowledge of business strategy
  • Be able to propose concrete action plans and design monitoring tools
  • Be able to develop specifications in collaboration with online project managers (e.g. redesign of websites)
  • Be able to work with multicultural teams at both the European and global levels
  • Be able to use international marketing skills in the import-export sector
  1. Basic organisational and legal aspects of e-businesses and legal requirements in the multimedia and e-commerce sectors
  2. Strategy and communications for digital businesses
  3. Marketing and basics of commercial relations