Foundation Degree: Esports Organiser

Educational level: FOUNDATION DEGREE
Areas of excellence: Informatique - Digital - Technologie

Technological innovation, artistic creation, shows and performance are all watchwords of the contemporary video games sector, which, with the book market, has become a main cultural industry.

As part of this trend, esports are transforming the traditional sports industry, attracting new audiences, using new media channels and developing innovative economic and commercial models.

The Foundation Degree: Esports Organiser introduces students to the exciting and dynamic world of competitive games — a world combing business and passion. The programme combines the teaching of innovative esports-relevant digital marketing and communication techniques with the study of gaming culture and a combined philosophical-sociological approach to the world of video games.

At the end of the programme an esports event is organised in which graduates assume varied professional roles and deploy their skills as veritable esports entrepreneurs.

  • Esports Organiser
  • Esports Blogger
  • Esports Commentator/Streamer
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Customer Support Manager
  • Events Project Manager
  • Digital Communications and Online Reputation Manager
  • Organise an esports event
  • Design an esports communication plan
  • Broadcast and present a stream or esports event
  • Be aware of the legal regulations governing the video games and esports sectors and understand the economic potential of these sectors
  • Work with multicultural teams at the European and global levels
  • Use digital marketing skills within a creative and innovative sector
  1. Basics of online business and esports business
  2. Gaming Culture, Marketing and Esports Communications
  3. Tools, Techniques and Professional Experience Project