European Master's

European Master’s Intelligent Applications and Big Data

Educational level: MASTERE EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Informatique - Digital - Technologie

Intelligent application development projects involving databases (big data or otherwise) are becoming more and more common as a result of digitalisation. Tech-related sectors such as the telecom sector, e-commerce and information technology, as well as industry, services, leisure, education and training, agriculture and the food industry, are all digitalising their activities.

Employers are looking for staff with solid skills who can work autonomously and who have expertise in one or more areas of IT involving secure and intelligent digitalisation. Staff in senior positions must be able to lead technical teams, manage specialised projects and meet the differing needs of the company’s various actors.

The structure and content of this programme, which includes a number of student projects and a professional internship or sandwich training, mean that graduates have the skills and autonomy needed to manage projects in a number of technological domains.

  • IT project manger
  • Big data manager
  • IT application coordinator
  • Technical architect
  • Functional consultant
  • Technical consultant
  • Scrum master in an application software development team (website, mobile, web service, big data etc.)
  • Intelligent applications/big data development project manager
  • Mobile application/web services development project manager
  • Intelligent/big data/mobile software development project manager
  • Be able to conduct an audit or produce specifications for the design and development of software matching a client’s request
  • Be able to lead a software development project and a team of staff
  • Be able to deliver a product to a client and carry out maintenance where necessary
  • Be able to manage development projects
  • Be able to manage the software life cycle
  • Understand interactions between an application and databases
  • Be familiar with code tests and security techniques
  • Understand the economic importance of big data and intelligent applications
  1. Conducting and Managing IT Projects
  2. Development and databases
  3. Development of intelligent applications and big data
  4. Professional Experience
  5. European Culture and Citizenship
  6. Modern European Language