European Master's

European Master’s in Communications and Digital Marketing

Educational level: MASTERE EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: commerce - marketing - communication - médias

With the rise of digital technology, effective digital communications are increasingly important. There is a need for experts possessing precise, up-to-date knowledge and mastery of strategic tools that will enable companies and brands to optimise their visibility and improve their market position and image.

Career prospects for graduates of the European Master’s in Digital Communications are varied and numerous, with roles available in a range of organisations and sectors. E-communications managers have a broad but expert knowledge of communications, project management and management — all essential for entering a thriving careers sector with excellent future prospects.

  • Digital Media Agency Manager
  • Research Director in the digital communications technology sector
  • Project Manager in an indexing agency
  • Community Manager
  • Digital Communications and Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Be able to identify market opportunities and risks
  • Be able to analyse an organisation’s communications needs
  • Be able to design an interactive and coherent communications process
  • Be able to coordinate a production chain
  • Be able to launch a website and improve visibility, indexing and traffic
  • Be able to produce a business plan for a communications or digital media agency
  • Be able to establish an appropriate communications mix
  • Be able to use a buzz to your advantage and calculate its impact in terms of company image
  1. The Digital Sector: Overview
  2. Communications and the Internet
  3. Management in the Digital Economy and the Technological Environment of Digital Communications