European Master's

European Master’s in Operational Management for Sustainable Development

A key challenge for contemporary organisations is the need to adopt a long-term vision of economic growth, taking into account environmental and societal concerns.

Indeed, organisations are increasingly sensitive to sustainable development issues and are consequently modifying their overall strategy and introducing management techniques that promote responsible behaviour.

The European Master’s in Operational Management for Sustainable Development provides students with real expertise in the field, furnishing them with both the knowledge and technical and operational skills needed to implement sustainable development principles within an organisation.

  • Quality, safety and environment (QSE) manager
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) manager
  • Human resources, purchasing, administration and production
  • Management, marketing, commerce
  • Understand the concepts behind sustainable development
  • Understand the different types of management
  • Be able to implement eco-design within a company
  • Know how logistics chains impact on the environment
  • Be able to suggest and implement actions to optimise energy consumption
  • Acquire HQE (French environmental standard) management methods
  • Have a good knowledge of waste disposal regulations
  • Be familiar with workplace safety challenges
  • Be able to get a company involved in local life
  • Be able to advise management on the basis of a sustainable development evaluation
  • Be able to evaluate the performance of a sustainable development system
  1. Sustainable development; social responsibility and management
  2. Sustainable development: quality and risk management
  3. Social responsibility: sustainable development-relevant aspects and strategy