European Master's

European Master’s Degree in International Business Management

Educational level: MASTERE EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: commerce - marketing - communication - médias

For a student in the European Master of Management in International Business, it is important to understand the international environment in which companies operate, in order to anticipate changes and modifications and to enable the company to be proactive in the face of the challenges linked to the globalisation of economies. It must be able to understand the different strategies that the company can implement for its international development. It must also be able to identify the various risks and propose ways of guaranteeing and protecting the company’s operations.

  • Director/International Manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • International Product Development Manager
  • Export Area Manager
  • International Project Manager
  • International Back Office Manager
  • Operational Buyer
  • International service provider at an OTM
  • Client manager at an AEO
  • Participate in determining the company's international development strategy
  • To manage customer and/or supplier files, as well as relations with sales networks
  • Knowing how to handle international calls for tender and manage supply relations with suppliers
  • To be able to manage and steer project and product teams with the various internal and external players. Monitoring innovation projects
  • To be able to analyse and evaluate credit and foreign exchange risks
  • To be able to provide advice and proposals to the company network on international issues.
  1. International purchasing
  2. International business development strategies
  3. International finance and strategic management
  4. Master's Degree in Marketing, Design and 3D Innovation