European Master's

European Master’s in Management and Financial Strategy

Educational level: MASTERE EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Management - Organisational strategy - Human resources

Financial strategy covers both the ability to draw on legal and technical knowledge and the ability to evaluate and anticipate business developments. In the current economic environment, businesses are forced to analyse and anticipate market changes so as to ensure their long-term success and development. Organisations require experts in this domain. They need staff capable of financial management, taxation monitoring and risk management. The Master’s in Management and Financial Strategy opens doors to a market full of opportunities in a wide range of working environments. This two-year programme concludes with an analysis of asset management of financial analysis environment enabling students to apply their skills in practice, ensuring they are ready to take on the job market on graduation.

Depending on the option chosen, the programme is aimed at those wishing to work in:
  • credit institutions or insurance companies;
  • investment management and securities analysis;
  • financial markets, commerce and risk management;
  • corporate financing and venture capital;
  • strategic management in the finance sector etc.
  • Understand the various economic organisations/structures
  • Know the main markets that coordinate economic activity and how they interact
  • Be able to use data providing financial information
  • Be familiar with business ethics and how it has evolved, and understand the link between morality, professional ethics and the law
  • Be able to apply and interpret analytical techniques in the decision-making process
  • Have a good knowledge of financial strategies in the short and long terms
  • Be able to measure the yield and risks associated with each type of investment
  • Have a good knowledge of fixed-income management
  • Understand the key techniques and models for evaluating a business
  1. Basic analysis
  2. Financial strategy, financial engineering and risk management
  3. Specialisation module