European Master's

European Master’s Marketing, Design and 3D Innovation

Educational level: MASTERE EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Informatique - Digital - Technologie

An essential ingredient for success, innovation sets businesses apart from their competitors by offering new products and services or new ways of working.

Innovation marketing and management, harnessed to 3D technology, have endless applications and offer exciting prospects that are attracting more and more businesses. Together they constitute a global market worth €2.7 billion, with an annual growth of over 30 %. Often thought of as the key to industrial reshoring and successful adaption to a rapidly changing work environment, innovation is the focus of a range of actors, from start-ups to departments within major corporations. It offers numerous job opportunities with excellent prospects.

Graduates of this two-year programme are job-ready, possessing an excellent knowledge of both the business and technical aspects of innovation. Future experts on innovative business positioning, they are ready to apply new practices and anticipate future technology and trends.

Designed by experts and industry actors, the European Master’s in Marketing, Design and 3D Innovation is an innovative, practical programme that is bang up to date with the latest practices and developments in the sector.

This cutting-edge programme provides students with excellent career prospects in a field that is of strategic importance for all organisations.

  • Director of Innovation
  • Innovation Marketing Director
  • R&D Director
  • Fablab Manager
  • R&D / Innovation Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Innovation Marketing Manager
  • Virtual Reality Project Manager
  • Technology Innovation Manager
  • 3D Project Designer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Mobile Application Designer / Developer
  • Be able to work an innovation project into a business’s overall strategy and oversee its deployment
  • Be able to implement a global and transversal vision of an emerging phenomenon or trend so as to develop innovative, tailor-made solutions
  • Be able to use design techniques a business’s overall strategy and oversee its deployment
  • Be able to promote design as a strategic tool for business innovation and competitiveness
  • Be able to create an innovation project and identify the resources needed to implement it
  • Be able to develop and oversee the innovation process
  • Be able to promote and advance a project within a business and its ecosystem
  1. Innovation Marketing Strategy and Managing Innovative Projects
  2. Innovation Management and Strategic Management of Innovative Businesses
  3. 3D Design
  4. Professional Experience
  5. European Culture and Citizenship
  6. Modern European Language