FEDE Professional Skills Certificates

The EEC FEDE France implements and develops the educational projects and activities of the Federation for EDucation in Europe ().

As an education, assessment and professional qualification delivery centre, the EEC France ensures the transparency, objectivity and neutrality of the candidate assessment process. It is in alignment with the Decree of 21 July 2016 of the French Ministry of Labour, which sets out general rules for professional qualification examinations.

The EEC FEDE France has a research platform dedicated to professional education and emerging job roles. Based in Europe, the research platform works with a panel of international researchers.

The training and assessment guidelines for the FEDE’s Professional Skills Certificates have been designed by researchers and working professionals. Combining theory, practice and knowledge of the latest developments in France and abroad, they are based on the following principles:

  • the skills and knowledge taught are relevant to today’s job market;
  • the training and assessment guidelines are of the highest quality;
  • the assessment process is carefully monitored at every stage.

FEDE Professional Skills Certificates:


The admissions and assessment criteria are specific to each programme and are set out in the course information sheets. The information sheets also state whether or not the qualification is registered in the French RNCP (Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles) or RS (Répertoire Spécifique).

The RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) is a national register providing individuals and businesses with up-to-date information on the professional qualifications and certificates included in the official lists drawn up by France’s joint national employment committees. The RNCP promotes access to employment and simplifies human resources management and professional mobility.

The RS (Répertoire spécifique) is a register of qualifications and accreditations for professional skills complementary to the professional qualifications included in the RNCP.

Since 1 January 2019 the RNCP and RS have been managed by France compétences, a public administrative body established by the Law of 5 September 2018.

France compétences examines RNCP and RS registration requests according to the criteria set out in the Decree of 18 December 2018 concerning the conditions for including professional qualifications, certifications and accreditations in the national registers.


The Inventaire:

The Inventaire (official catalogue) is part of the reformed and expanded system for professional training that was introduced by French Law n° 2014-288 (5 March 2014) on professional training, employment and social democracy.


Qualifications listed in the Inventaire must:

  • prove the mastery of professional skills;
  • be awarded following testing of the mastery of these skills;
  • be awarded or endorsed by a legitimate professional body according to a constant procedure that guarantees the trustworthiness of the qualification;
  • result in the awarding of a certificate.

Article L335-6 of the French Code of Education states that qualifications and accreditations testifying to transversal professional skills can be registered in a specific inventory established by the Commission nationale de la certification professionnelle [national committee for professional certification]’.