The FEDE Research Institute


The FEDE Research Institute is composed of a community of nearly 1000 expert and academically renowned PhD holders who actively share their knowledge with the FEDE’s educational institutions across the world.

The FEDE Research Institute is dedicated to education, vocational training and new and emerging job roles. Striving to become no less than Europe’s leading educational research laboratory, it aims to prove that brainpower is essential if companies are to innovate, change and become more efficient.

Through its research and its close relations with the business world, the FEDE Research Institute brings a fresh perspective to managerial practices in Europe and the world by:

  • providing a forum to challenge and debate managerial practice;
  • addressing key themes such as social engagement, risk, trust and the influence of the younger generations;
  • promoting research on how social changes have affected managerial practice;
  • exploring questions arising in today’s context of innovation and change.

Inventing new managerial practices, reflecting on the society of the future and building new economic models requires us to understand contemporary issues relating to human resources, continuing education, social change, education and the day-to-day functioning of businesses.

The FEDE Research Institute:

–    manages a network of international PhD holders;
–    organises conferences and seminars;
–    trains company staff;
–    publishes books and articles;
–    enriches the FEDE’s educational programmes.

The FEDE Research Institute is home to the FEDE Doctoral School, which hosts all the FEDE’s DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) students and coordinates their doctoral research projects.

The FEDE Research Institute cultivates an atmosphere of excellence in which students can meet international experts, discover different cultures and ways of thinking and develop a rich knowledge of their chosen field.

Combining research and practice, the FEDE Research Institute is an ideas laboratory working to advance education, vocational training and employment. It is headed by Professor Jean-Louis Bischoff, a trends specialist.

‘My aim is to demonstrate that grey matter can and must play a key role in the contemporary and future workplace.’

Jean-Louis Bischoff has a PhD in philosophy and is a French state-accredited research director, currently affiliated with the Université d’Artois. The author of a dozen books, over the past 25 years he has used his knowledge to inform and inspire business leaders and harnessed his professional experience to inform and inspire academic research.

Some portraits of our teacher researchers