As the number one private school of Art in France (outside Paris), Bellecour Ecole offers the widest and most coherent range of training in creative fields – Design, Media and Entertainment (Animation and Game).
Therefore, each student may find their place in creative industries and forge the career path they have chosen. Such versatility allows Bellecour Ecole to offer a solid platform for exchange that brings momentum and resonance to your projects, and brings you interdisciplinary skills, global vision and open mindedness – all of them being the qualities expected from tomorrow’s creative leaders.
The school spreads over a sprawling campus of 5000 m², and favours a pedagogy based on proximity and personalized mentoring. Each year, more than 180 teachers and professionals share their knowledge with 1230 students, stirs their passion and develop their skills.
More than a school, Bellecour Ecole is a cultural place that is open 24/7, with high-tech equipment, and hosts many professional events, exhibitions and conferences.
Since 1937, Bellecour Ecole has gained great reputation in France and is now developing international projects. Its teachers and students come from all over the world (USA, Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria, Portugal, The Netherlands, Italy, UK…) and the school has been in the top 10 rankings of The Rookies for 3 years in a row. All Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are fully recognized by the Federation for Education in Europe.

The FEDE is an INGO International Non-Governmental Organisation and a supranational institution that was created in 1963, which is endowed with participatory status with the Council of Europe. It federates an international network comprised of over 500 higher and professional education institutions in 35 countries across 4 continents, which share a common project that is hinged on academic excellence, pedagogical innovation, scientific research and openness to the world. The FEDE delivers 90 European degrees that are available in English and in the national language, from the Foundation Degree, the European Bachelor’s Degree, the European Master’s Degree to the DBA Doctorate of Business Administration. The FEDE counts an international network of over 180,000 alumni.


Design, Digital:
  • STD2A High School Diploma
  • Bachelor’s Degree/BTS Certificate: Graphic Design
  • Bachelor’s Degree/BTS Certificate: Interior Design
  • Bachelor’s Degree/BTS Certificate: Fashion Design
  • Bachelor’s Degree/BTS Certificate: Product Design
  • Master’s Degree: Interior and Environment Design
  • Master’s Degree: Artistic Direction and Brand Strategy
  • Master’s Degree in Services and Interaction: UX/UI Design & Artistic Digital Direction
Entertainment: Animation Films and Video Games:
  • Entertainment Preparatory Classes
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 3D Animation
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 2D Animation
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 3D Film Art
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Concept Art
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Game Art
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Game Design
  • Master’s Degree: 3D Art
  • Master’s Degree: 3D Animation
  • Master’s Degree: VFX Visual Effects
  • Master’s Degree: Concept Art
  • Master’s Degree: Game Design
  • Master’s Degree: Artistic Production and Direction

Other programmes and certificates:

• Baccalaureate in Applied Arts (STD2A) • Foundation Course in Entertainment / Foundation Course in Prépa Art & Design • Bachelors: 3D Animation • 2D Animation • 3D Cinema Art & Game Art • Concept Art • VFX • Game Design • Game Programming • Space & Environment Design • Product & Innovations Design • Fashion & Accessory Design • Graphic & Digital Design • Connected Design Strategy • Visual Media • Textual Media • Strategic Media • Masters: Art Direction for films & video games • Game Development • Technical Art • Animation Supervision • VFX Supervision • Movie Direction • Art Direction & Branding Strategy – Identity / Fashion / Product • Fashion Business • Architecture & Environment Design • Interactions & Innovations Design – Digital / Service / UX/UI • Visual Media • Textual Media • Strategic Media


Bellecour Ecole is affiliated to the FEDE doctoral school and offers FEDE DBAs (Doctorate of Business Administration).


European FEDE degrees offered: - All the bachelors design & entertainment degree - All the mastères design & entertainment degree Other courses and qualifications RNCP qualification for the bachelor Graphic & Digital design Also, for the bachelor Fashion & accessory Design



- More than eighty years of experience - 32 formations - 3 big campus in Lyon - Students got a late school access during the week and all day during the weekend.


School name : BELLECOUR ECOLE Adress : 18 rue François Dauphin 69002 LYON Welcoming : 09 88 28 81 27 ADMISSION : 09 88 28 81 28 mail Adress : info@bellecour.fr Website : www.bellecour.fr


Number of students: 1230 Percentage or number of foreign students: 10%. Number of teachers: 180 Number of courses offered per year: 180 Partnerships: Crédit Mutuel & Student Residence Contact: info@bellecour.fr Presence social networks : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bellecour.ecole/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bellecour_ea?lang=fr Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bellecourecole/?hl=fr