The over 23,000 students that have trained at CENEC Malaga over 30 years is the best proof of the quality education provided by the institution.
Experience, knowledge, professional skills, passion for new technologies, proactiveness and the commitment of the team have enabled the school to become an indispensable partner to companies.
Recognised as a leader in the new digital technologies field thanks to strategic alliances and partnerships with reputable companies, CENEC Malaga offers to train its students for the careers of tomorrow, while addressing the needs of professionals and placing excellence at the heart of its approach.

The FEDE is an INGO International Non-Governmental Organisation and a supranational institution that was created in 1963, which is endowed with participatory status with the Council of Europe. It federates an international network comprised of over 500 higher and professional education institutions in 35 countries across 4 continents, which share a common project that is hinged on academic excellence, pedagogical innovation, scientific research and openness to the world. The FEDE delivers 90 European degrees that are available in English and in the national language, from the Foundation Degree, the European Bachelor’s Degree, the European Master’s Degree to the DBA Doctorate of Business Administration. The FEDE counts an international network of over 180,000 alumni.


FEDE European diplomas offered: Information Technology
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Networks: System and Network Administration
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Networks: Development and Databases Specialty
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Networks and Security
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Digital and Multimedia Techniques
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Webmaster
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Mobile Application Development
  • European Master’s Degree in Information Technology
Management and Administration
  • Foundation Degree in Small and Medium Enterprise Management
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Retail Administration and Management
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Small and Medium Enterprise Management
  • European Master’s Degree Business Management and Strategy
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Finance
  • Management Control Specialty
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Finance
  • Financial and Cash Management Specialty
  • European Master’s Degree in Financial Management and Strategies
Logistics and Transport procurement
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Transport and Logistics
  • European Master’s Degree in Logistics
Marketing and Communication
  • Foundation Degree in Marketing
  • Foundation Degree in Communication
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in E-Commerce
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Communication

Other programmes and certificates:

  • Advanced Technician: Development of Multi-platform Applications - Information Systems Administration - Administration and Finance
  • IT Certificates in partnership with CISCO, MICROSOFT, ORACLE and LPIC: IT classes, Beginner - IT classes, Advanced - IT Master’s Degrees


CENEC MALAGA is affiliated to the FEDE doctoral school and offers FEDE DBAs (Doctorate of Business Administration).


  • 'Spanish in Spain' and 'Study in Spain'
International exchange programmes:
  • Spanish lessons with internships
  • Receiving foreign students mainly from Morocco and Latin America
Courses taught in english:
  • Professional English certified by BULATS in partnership with the University of Salamanca



  • Lecturers certified by the multinationals of the sector such as CISCO, Microsoft, ORACLE
  • BULATS certificates
  • PEARSON VUE, PROMETRIC and CERTIFOR authorised centre
  • Authorised by the Autonomous Government of Andalusia
  • CISCO - MICROSOFT - ORACLE authorised centre
  • Located in the historical centre of Malaga
Student association: CENEC ALUMNI



  • Number of students: 650
  • Percentage of foreign students: 10%
  • Number of teaching staff: 35
  • Percentage of international lecturers: 10
  • Number of Ph.D. holders: 15
  • Number of internships offered per year: A minimum of 300
  • Partnerships: Many IT companies
  • Accreditations: ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate and 14.001 Environment Certificate
  • Contact for registration: info@cenecmalaga.es