Cité Formation, a training centre at the heart of Orléans, has been training business executives and leaders for 15 years. The school is particularly keen on enhancing a learner’s individual development based on 4 values: commitment, selflessness, sharing and mutual respect.
Cité Formation aims to shoulder its learners and enable them to become the influencers in their professional development, in France and internationally, through the support of teaching staff and faculty members who are committed and professional.
In order to shape its courses to serve as a passport for employment in sectors such Marketing, Business Development and Human Resources, Cité Formation mentors learners throughout their studies to help them develop a sense of entrepreneurial creativity.
Thanks to its network of partner companies and its close contact with the economic players of its region, Cité Formation is at the heart of the local and international economic market.
Cité Formation, a school with a strong international orientation, receives students from around the world every year. This permanent melting pot promotes interactions and exposure to other cultures, other viewpoints and to multiculturalism which thereafter characterises the corporate world.

The FEDE is an INGO International Non-Governmental Organisation and a supranational institution that was created in 1963, which is endowed with participatory status with the Council of Europe. It federates an international network comprised of over 500 higher and professional education institutions in 35 countries across 4 continents, which share a common project that is hinged on academic excellence, pedagogical innovation, scientific research and openness to the world. The FEDE delivers 90 European degrees that are available in English and in the national language, from the Foundation Degree, the European Bachelor’s Degree, the European Master’s Degree to the DBA Doctorate of Business Administration. The FEDE counts an international network of over 180,000 alumni.


Programmes and certificates: Commerce:
  • BTS Management of Business Units
  • Bachelor’s Degree: France or International Responsible Development (level II degree certified by the State)
  • Master’s Degree: Business Development Manager Entrepreneurship Option (level I degree certified by the State)
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Marketing and Communication Manager (level II degree certified by the State)
Human Resources:
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Human Resources Manager (level II degree certified by the State)
  • Master’s Degree: Human Resources Director (level I degree certified by the State)

Other programmes and certificates:

  • Commerce : BTS Management des Unités Commerciales - Bachelor Responsable Développement France ou International (titre certifié par l’Etat de niveau II) - Mastère Manager du Développement Commercial Option Entrepreneuriat (titre certifié par l’Etat de niveau I)
  • Marketing : Bachelor Responsable Marketing Communication (titre certifié par l’Etat de niveau II)
  • Ressources Humaines : Bachelor Responsable Ressources Humaines (titre certifié par l’Etat de niveau II) - Mastère Directeur(trice) des Ressources Humaines (titre certifié par l’Etat de niveau I)


CITE FORMATION is affiliated to the FEDE doctoral school and offers FEDE DBAs (Doctorate of Business Administration).


  • CITE FORMATION is largely exposed to the world, to companies, to transcending boundaries, to initiative, to the dynamics established through associative life, to people who want to think outside the box, because it wants to enable each learner to be exposed to other horizons and to develop their talents.
International exchange programmes:
  • Ampifiloha Antananarivo Technical Professional School (Madagascar)
  • Partnership with the MEFTP (Ministry of Employment, Technical Education and Professional Training Madagascar)
Courses taught in english:
  • Marketing and International Marketing module in english
Study trips:
  • London
  • Dublin
2018 academic year:
  • Launch of the Master's Degree: International Affairs Manager (level I degree certified by the State)



  • Individual monitoring
  • Professional guidance
  • Active pedagogy
  • A rich and dynamic associative life
  • Access to the network of companies
  • International melting pot
  • Open-mindedness
Student association:
  • Associaty - "Education for All" : a humanitarian association whose mission is to provide disadvantaged children in Madagascar with the means to build and secure their futures.



  • Number of students: 180 learners /year
  • Percentage of foreign students: 10%
  • Number of teaching staff: 30
  • Number of international lecturers: 3
  • Number of alumni members: 1445
  • Number of internships offered per year: 180 “partner” companies in an academic year
  • Partnerships: DCF – ADEFLOR – BGE – CREPI – UDEL – CCI45
  • Accreditations: Programmes of study registered with the RNCP (National Repository of Professional Certifications)
  • Excellence awards: 75% success rate for the programmes of study as a whole
  • Contact for registration: Jocelyne Chelin – Géraldine Habert