Ecole en Direct is an advanced distance-learning private institution based in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).

Its goal: Train, support, develop and strengthen the knowledge and skills of its learners through innovative, rigorous and quality education. Ecole en Direct offers a broad spectrum of courses in fields such as marketing, communication, logistics, finance, administration, management and civil engineering.

EDE, through excellence training, seeks to meet the needs of African companies and to support rapid development in the African continent.

The FEDE is an INGO International Non-Governmental Organisation and a supranational institution that was created in 1963, which is endowed with participatory status with the Council of Europe. It federates an international network comprised of over 500 higher and professional education institutions in 35 countries across 4 continents, which share a common project that is hinged on academic excellence, pedagogical innovation, scientific research and openness to the world. The FEDE delivers 90 European degrees that are available in English and in the national language, from the Foundation Degree, the European Bachelor’s Degree, the European Master’s Degree to the DBA Doctorate of Business Administration. The FEDE counts an international network of over 180,000 alumni.


FEDE European diplomas offered: Commerce, Marketing, Communication
  • Foundation Degree in Communication
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Communication
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Communication & Public Relations
  • European Master’s Degree in E-Communication
Environment, Sustainable Development
  • European Master’s Degree in Environmental and Energy Management
  • European Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development Operations Management
Finance, Banking, Insurance
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Finance
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Banking
  • European Master’s Degree in Financial Management and Strategies
IT, Technology
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Digital and Multimedia Techniques
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Networks and Security
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Networks
  • European Master’s Degree in Information Technology Projects
Logistics, Transport, Procurement
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Transport and Logistics
  • European Master’s Degree in Logistics
Management, Strategy, Administration
  • Foundation Degree in SME Management & Administration
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Executive Assistance Studies
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Quality, Safety and Environment
  • European Master’s Degree in Business Management and Strategy
Human Resources
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Administrative Assistance
  • European Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management
Tourism, Hospitality
  • Foundation Degree in Tourism and Hospitality
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Spa Business Management

Other programmes and certificates:

  • Communication, Marketing: BTS Marketing, Management - BTS Visual Communication - BTS Corporate Communication - Bachelor’s Degree: Visual Communication - Master’s Degree: Banking Marketing - Master’s Degree: Information and Communication: Corporate Communication Speciality - Master’s Degree: Visual Communication
  • Finance, Banking, Insurance: BTS Finance, Accounting - Bachelor’s Degree: Banking and Insurance - Master’s Degree: Corporate Finance - Master’s Degree: Finance, Accounting - Master’s Degree: Financial Market
  • Hygiene, Quality, Safety, Environment: BTS Hygiene, Safety, Environment - Bachelor’s Degree: Hygiene, Quality, Safety, Environment - Bachelor’s Degree: Risk and Safety Coordinator - Master’s Degree: Hygiene, Quality, Safety, Environment
  • IT: BTS IT, Telecommunication Networks
  • Management, Operations, Administration: BTS Management Assistant - Bachelor’s Degree: Management of Social and Solidarity Economy Companies - Bachelor’s Degree: Business and Company Administration - Master’s Degree: Industrial Engineering - Master’s Degree: Project Management & Administration - Master’s Degree: Management and Administration of Regional Governments - Master’s Degree: Business Administration - Master’s Degree: Administration and Management of Healthcare Projects
  • Human Resources: BTS Communication and Human Resources Administration - Bachelor’s Degree: Human Resources E-Administration - Bachelor’s Degree: Human Resources Administration - Master’s Degree: Human Resources Administration
  • Transport and Logistics: BTS Transport and Logistics - Master’s Degree: Management of Logistics Service


Ecole en Direct is affiliated to the FEDE doctoral school and offers FEDE DBAs (Doctorate of Business Administration).


International exchanges programmes:
  • Dual degrees with the Advanced Institute of Accounting and Business Administration (ISCAE Djibouti).



  • 100% distance learning
  • Scholarships available at the beginning of each academic year
  • A team of seasoned professionals
  • Digital library
  • MOOC and COOC
  • Interactive courses (audio, video)
Student association:
  • EDE students’ club (graduation day, field trips: practical exercises, study trips…).



  • Number of students: 250
  • Percentage or number of foreign students: 30%
  • Number of teaching staff: 35
  • Percentage of international lecturers: 7%
  • Number of Ph.D. holders: 10
  • Number of alumni members: 1
  • Number of internships offered per year: 50
  • Partnerships: Member of the Burkina Faso Quality Management Association (ABMAQ), member of the National Union of Secular Private Learning Institutions (UNEEPL)
  • Contact for registration: + 226 68 11 26 71 /+226 25 47 14 88 - infos@ecolendirect.fr