INEAD, is a distance learning specialist that offers 58 advanced programmes through e-learning in 9 fields of excellence: ranging from HR to Finance, Marketing to Logistics.
INEAD’s pedagogical approach is grounded on innovative and agile programmes coupled with participatory projects (workshops).
INEAD is keen on offering rigorous quality training in order to facilitate the professional integration of its students, enable them to develop analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as civic values and be open to Europe and the world.
INEAD relies on competent faculty members, individualised mentorship of the learners, interactive tools, transfer of solid professional skills and a “project-oriented” pedagogy.

The FEDE is an INGO International Non-Governmental Organisation and a supranational institution that was created in 1963, which is endowed with participatory status with the Council of Europe. It federates an international network comprised of over 500 higher and professional education institutions in 35 countries across 4 continents, which share a common project that is hinged on academic excellence, pedagogical innovation, scientific research and openness to the world. The FEDE delivers 90 European degrees that are available in English and in the national language, from the Foundation Degree, the European Bachelor’s Degree, the European Master’s Degree to the DBA Doctorate of Business Administration. The FEDE counts an international network of over 180,000 alumni.


FEDE European degrees offered: Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Wealth Management, Banking and Insurance
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Finance
  • European Master’s Degree in International Private Banking
  • European Master’s Degree in Financial Management and Strategies
Environment, Sustainable Development, Quality
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Quality, Safety and Environment
  • European Master’s Degree in Sustainable Operations Management
  • European Master’s Degree in Environmental and Energy Management
Information Technology, Web, Design
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Networks
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Webmaster Studies
  • European Master’s Degree in Information Technology
Logistics and Supply Chain
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Administration
  • European Master’s Degree in Logistics
Business Management and Administration
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Executive Assistance Studies
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in SME Management & Administration
  • European Master’s Degree in Business Management and Strategy
Marketing, Communication, Event Planning
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Communication
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Public Relations Option
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing
  • European Master’s Degree in Communication
Human resources
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Administrative Assistance
  • European Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management
Tourism, Hospitality
  • European Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality

Other programmes and certificates:

  • Insurance, Banking, Finance: Bachelor's Degree: Banking, Insurance
  • Business Management and Administration: Preparatory Classes for Legal Assistant Career
  • Marketing, Communication, Event Planning: Bachelor’s Degree: Marketing - Marketing & Communication Project Manager (RNCP level II degree) - Event Planning Administrator (RNCP level III degree)
  • Human Resources: Bachelor’s Degree: Human Resources Management - Human Resources Administrative Associate (RNCP level II degree) - Payroll Administrator (RNCP level III degree) - Human Resources Manager (RNCP level I degree) - Preparatory Classes: Human Resources Assistant Career
  • Social, Paramedical, Health: Medical Secretary (RNCP level IV degree) - Preparatory Classes: Medical Assistant Career - Preparatory Classes: Pharmaceutical Representative Career
  • Tourism, Hospitality: Bachelor's Degree: Tourism Project Management


  • ESTEL Group (Senegal), Polytechnic School of Niamey (Niger), Amadou Dieng University (Guinea), I.P.E.S (Martinique) and Codifor (Ivory Coast)
International exchange programmes:
  • In China with partner CAMPUS GLOBE



  • Dual degree programme available
  • Individualised guidance depending on the constraints of the students or companies
  • Unlimited guidance from educators/tutors, assistance with thesis and examinations
  • Pedagogical coaching
  • Access to video2brain, Rosetta Stone, ENI (depending on the programmes)
  • Personalised e-learning with individual marking of homework and custom-made lessons
  • Permanent in-take, enrolment is possible any time
  • Professional contract begins when a company decides, with a timetable adapted to the employer
  • Unlimited access to the pedagogical platform 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Over 8 years of experience in higher education through distance learning
  • “Projet Voltaire”: optional with all the programmes


    • Le Charco
Bât. B 39 avenue Padovani 13127 Vitrolles


  • Number of students: 4590 students trained
  • Percentage or number of foreign students: 5%
  • Number of teaching staff: 10
  • Number of Ph.D. holders: 2
  • Number of former students: Over 4000
  • Partnerships: Africa, certifying entities
  • Accreditations: OPQF underway, Datadock underway, ISO 9001 in 2013
  • Excellence awards: 100% success across 9 courses in 2016
  • Contact for registration: +33 (0)1.75.434.434 - info@inead.fr