General Assembly 2017

FEDE General Assembly 2017

Lisbon – 16 and 17 March 2017

The general assembly held in Lisbon on the 16th & 17th of March 2017 was designed to serve as a time for exchanging and forming partnerships between member schools. The FEDE team sought to apply their efforts to ensure the establishment of bilateral agreements, pedagogical cooperation and for student and lecturer mobility to develop, particularly through the FEDE mobility programme.

The FEDE general assembly also served as a time for reflecting on the theme of the entrepreneur with the 2017 Great Witness, Dominique Amirault, President of the FEEF.

Lastly, the general assembly revealed the FEDE of the future: a FEDE that is built, one that is built upon the initiatives of its members, that places employment and educational excellence at the heart of its plan, one that ventures out and which is conducive to venturing out, one that believes in businesses, one that federates and brings people together.

Lisbon, city of history with multiple cultural influences, of culture and modernity

Lisbon is a city best explored on foot in order to be astonished by a thousand years of history; to discover its authentic charms down a winding alleyway, lulled by melancholy-infused Fado tunes.
A city of seven hills, the Portuguese capital has drastically changed: architectural renewal, the growing cultural influence of its museums and heritage, and, the emergence of places for contemporary creations.
Discovering Lisbon, is also synonymous with getting lost while wandering around its narrow streets in its historical neighborhoods, tasting the famous pasteis de nata (a traditional Portuguese pastry), riding its tramways from a different era and enjoying, from the heights of its miradouros, a splendid panoramic view of the city and the Tagus River.
In the evening, as the sun sets, when restaurant terraces start filling up, when the lights of the bars light up again, when the small streets of Bario Alto come alive with activities, it is another face of Lisbon that is revealed – that of a young, dynamic and lively European capital. An effervescent city.

The highlights of the 2017 General Assembly:

Speech of the Great Witness

Dominique AMIRAULT

President of FEEF (Federation of Entrepreneurs and Companies of France)
“The FEDE, Businesses and Youth Employment.”

Launch of the European Careers and Trades Observatory

“We will work on the FEDE of the future, the one that we want to build together: one built upon the initiatives of its members, one that places employment at the heart of its project, one that ventures out and allows others to do so, one that believes in businesses.  We will be working with Dominique Amirault, the 2017 Great Witness on the theme of “The Entrepreneur”, with the aim of transmitting to our youth the energy that drives us and to boost employment.”

Claude Vivier Le Got, Chairwoman

Professional roundtables

The workshops will be held as roundtables open to everyone according to their professional concerns.

The roundtables will focus on:

  • FEDE training references upgrades
  • The European careers and business observatory
  • Safety and prevention in schools and training centers
  • Dual degree
  • Enhancing communication towards students

Academic Dating

This event will encourage the implementation of inter-school networks and the creation of bilateral agreements. Based on a schedule determined by the FEDE beforehand, the schools will host or visit other schools in turns. Meeting points (tables and areas) will be set up for members, to provide them with the opportunity to present their establishments and initiate partnerships.

Photo highlights of the 2017 General Assembly

Committee Meeting

Claude Vivier Le Got opens the Committee’s meeting
Farhang GHASSEMI (COGEFI), Thierry ANDRIEU (Sup de Co La Rochelle), Stéphanie NUSS (IMC Artemys), Denis DUMONT (Maestris)
Patrick COMTE (Institut Rousseau), Farhang GHASSEMI (COGEFI), Thierry ANDRIEU (Sup de Co La Rochelle), Stéphanie NUSS (IMC Artemys), Denis DUMONT (Maestris), Jocelyne CHELIN (Cité Formation), Catherine OTHABURU (Formasup Campus)
Pierre BOUVIER (Ecosup), Patrick ROUX (Ecole Vidal), Abdesslam Benahra (Cesa Sup), Salvador CINTADO PASTOR (Cenec Malaga), Jean-Claude ABBONDANZA (Délégué FEDE Maroc), Aurel ARDELEAN (Vasile Goldis)

Welcome speech by the Chairwoman, Claude Vivier Le Got


Academic Dating

Sylvain YANGANG SYOGE (IMB Brazzaville), Alain TOBELEM (CPMC Shanghai)
Aurel ARDELEAN (Vasile Goldis), Axel GILLET (FEDE)
Alfred SUSAN (Ecole Grandjean)
Jean-Claude ABBONDANZA (FEDE Maroc), Jean FOSSIEZ and Annabelle ANGEZ (MFR Rollancourt)
Claude VIVIER LE GOT (FEDE), Jérôme and Véronique HATTON (Ludus Académie)
Patrick BARBERET (ESOAD), Nacer AIT (IPF Paris)
Abdelilah BOUTAYEB (ECOSTIG), Aziz LEKTEBI (Ecole Racine)
Mariama COULIBALY (AFI L’UE), Thierry ANDRIEU (Sup de Co La Rochelle)


Olivier PEROTTO – Thomas PRADET
Work session during the marketing and communication workshop
Olivier PEROTTO – Jean-Louis BISCHOFF

Welcome speech by Claude VIVIER LE GOT, Chairwoman

Read the speech

Moral report by Jean-Luc COLLET, General Secretary and Financial report by Pascal COMTE, Treasurer

Pascal COMTE

Admissions of new schools by Maxime GIOANNINI, General Manager


“56 new institutions joined the network in 2016. From Spain, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, France, China, Guinea, Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Congo and Senegal.”

Schools who joined the FEDE in 2016: 

  • SPEOS Photographic Institute (Paris, Londres)
  • Co-Progress Education Group
  • Creo Valley
  • CERFPA Formations
  • EDTA Sornas
  • Université Wesford Genève
  • Collège Lasalle International
  • Ecole 2089
  • SUPDEWEB (Paris, Bruxelles, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Marseille, Nice, Lausanne)
  • IEJ – Institut Européen de Journalisme (Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg, Londres)
  • ECS – European Communication School (Paris, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Marseille, Londres, Barcelone, Lausanne, Nice)
  • Griffith College
  • CAFA Formations
  • IMB Congo
  • Ecole Supérieure des Métiers du Tertiaire
  • IC’COM
  • Institut de Mode International – IM International
  • MOD’ART International et Maryse Eloy
  • POLY-TECH Univers City
  • Taylor Institut
  • Ecole Hôtelière de Casablanca
  • Ecole Supérieure en Qualité et Métrologie
  • Institut de Formation Pour le Futur
  • WISIG Kenitra
  • ECOSIAM Tanger
  • IBTS
  • Groupe Cabinet Conseil Internatinal Afrique (Dakar, Bamako, Conakry)
  • Ecole Franco-Guinéennes des Métiers
  • E.H.B
  • L’IDEM
  • Atelier PREP’ART
  • ESPI Abidjan
  • Institut Français du Luxe
  • Institut Parisien de Formation
  • Institut de Management et de Communication
  • Aformance

Presentation of FEDE’s tools and services


Conference: “Education, Religion and Companies” and debate with the audience, by Jean-Louis BISCHOFF, PhD Philosophy



Stéphane SULTAN (CNFDI), Farhang GHASSEMi (COGEFI), Marie-José LÖWE (Merz Schule), Patrick ROUX (Ecole Vidal)

Presentation of the FEDE Award for Excellence in Human Rights

Conference: “The FEDE, Businesses and Youth Employment”, by Dominique AMIRAULT, president of the FEEF

Abdelouahed HAFAOUI (Ecole Racine)

Patrick BARBERET (ESOAD), Patrick ROUX (Ecole Vidal), Alain TOBELEM (CPMC Shanghai), Alfred SUSAN (Ecole Grandjean), Jean-Jacques BRACONNIER (FEDE)

Closing of the General Assembly