General Assembly 2018

FEDE General Assembly 2018

Athens – From 14th to 17th March 2018

Dear Colleagues,
Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to attend the 2018 edition of the FEDE General Assembly to be held in Athens (Greece) from Wednesday 14th March to Saturday 17th March 2018. In this European capital, replete with several centuries of history and heritage, I will have the pleasure of presenting you with a new format for our traditional conference.



Shared professional experience: The schools will create and facilitate thematic workshops. We invite you to take the floor to share your experience, for example, regarding “setting up courses in foreign languages”, “how to keep a partnership alive”, “coordinating an alumni network”, etc.


At your request, we will continue the Academic Dating (highly successful during past GAs) and we will reinforce networking at the diners, to promote synergies and the implementation of bilateral agreements between member schools. Knowing each other better to better help each other!


As working does not rule out tourism, our afternoons and evenings will be entertaining and cultural, and we will go to explore Athens, the cradle of Democracy.

My dear colleagues, I urge you to attend this conference in large numbers and invite you to make yourselves available for this key moment in our Federation’s life.

I, for one, will be very delighted to see you there.

Yours faithfully,

Claude Vivier Le Got, FEDE Chairwoman


The 2018 GA: An Agora in the service of Education

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You will be presented with workshops during breakfast on Friday 15 March 2018:

An Introduction to Peregrine Academic Services: How to Develop and Improve Your Training Programs and Program Offerings.

Workshop presented by:
Paul Mallette
Director of European Operations
Peregrine Academic Services

This presentation/workshop will introduce participants to Peregrine Academic Services and some of the services it has developed, including:
– Global Business Education online assessments;
– Online Academic Leveling Courses services;
– Bloomberg Business Week B-School Connection;
– Write & Cite: Academic Writing Courses.

We will explore how Peregrine Academic Services are designed to help schools increase program offerings and help improve the quality of learning and teaching.

Learn more about Peregrine Academic Services

Peregrine Academic Services is the globally recognized leader in providing online assessment services, online educational services, and higher education support services to institutions of higher education and academic organizations.

Below is an example of some of the services provided by Peregrine:

  • Global Business Education assessment services that provide internationally normed, summative online assessment services for Business Administration academic programs that are used for internal and external programmatic evaluation. The customizable service is easily managed and can be effectively integrated into any undergraduate or graduate program to comprehensively evaluate student knowledge associated with the academic degree program’s learning outcomes. The assessment service includes English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Mongolian language support.
  • Academic Leveling Courses are online business courses used by academic institutions for academic leveling and assurance of learning. Each course includes a pre-test, 4-6 hours of instructional material organized into 4-8 sections, and a post-test. Courses can be used to build a customized academic leveling program suitable for either undergraduate transfer students or new graduate students. Use of the courses promotes student retention and improves graduation rates.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection is an academic partnership designed to set an expectation that students become persistent readers of business news and current events.  That they are global, critical thinkers who are prepared to engage their colleagues, instructors, and potential employers in discussing the issues that are impacting the concepts they are currently studying.   Peregrine is the exclusive provider of the B-School Connection for higher education, as the program is often combined with related assessment and other education services.
  • Write & Cite: An Academic Writing Readiness Course provides students the skills and knowledge needed to write, format, and properly cite academic papers, theses, and dissertations. The 8-module course, each with 3-5 learning sections, can be customized to teach citation styles, along with online instruction regarding proper word choices, tone, plagiarism, paper organization, and literature-based research.

Peregrine Academic Services help schools enhance their offerings with customized academic solutions to improve the quality of higher education. We strive to be your thought-partner in higher education.

How to provide incoming students with great housing support to increase international attractivity?

Workshop presented by:
Emile Karam, CPO
Thomas Reynaud, CEO
Mylène Romano, President

Learn more about Garantme

Garantme is the guarantor of international students’ rent in France.

320,000 international students receive their education in France every year. 80% of them face difficulties in terms of gaining access to rental housing due to a lack of a guarantor on French soil, which all property owners require.

Garantme provides these students with a solution in 4 steps:
– Establishing a rental application file in order to ensure it is complete;
– Translating the details provided in order to remove the language barrier;
– Certifying the documents provided in order to reassure the owners;
– Financial guarantee for rent to endow them with equal opportunities with respect to a native French student.

International students can access this service online through in 5 minutes and obtain a Certificate of Eligibility for the guarantee in 2 hours. Garantme provides them with guidance with respect to searching for rental housing and, when signing the lease, the new tenant obtains their guarantee for €1 per day.

Garantme works hand in hand with schools and universities in order to enable their students to benefit from generous terms as well as exclusive sales terms: thanks to the FEDE, through Garantme your students will receive a €70 reduction over the year.

Garantme in figures:
€36,000 as guarantee per tenant
50 partner schools and universities
120 partner agencies in France
20,000 rooms in student residences