FEDE institutions

The Federation for EDucation in Europe/Fédération Européenne des Ecoles (FEDE) is a network of almost 500 private higher and vocational educational institutions with a shared project based on educational rigour, quality and the determination to put students at the centre of the learning process.

By proposing a catalogue of degree-granting, career-oriented programmes that are valued by European job market actors, FEDE institutions contribute to the broader project of building a vast European and global higher educational space.

Closely aligned with the latest teaching practices, bolstered by a structured network of member institutions and alumni, FEDE institutions comply with European standards and are recognised by professionals and recruiters. Their aim? To provide students with optimal training for contemporary and future job roles.

In choosing a FEDE member institution students are…
– opting for an institution that balances theoretical learning with the acquisition of professional skills and experience of the business world;

– ensuring they will gain hands-on skills and experience through workplace immersion activities;
– aspiring to build an ambitious, internationally oriented career.


ISG is an establishment in Management, Digital, Finance, Marketing, Tourism and Communication. Academic excellence is at the heart of ISG’s pedagogical project, which benefits from more than 10 years of experience in the preparation of BACHELOR, MASTER and MBA degrees delivered by European partners. ISG relies on a high quality teaching staff composed of high […]

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. L’établissement souhaite adhérer à la FEDE afin de rentrer dans un réseau plus international pour amplifier et dynamiser sa communication. Le fait […]

Sherbrooke Academy strives to endow its students with practical skills and necessary assets to allow them to quickly integrate the job market. The academic programmes are all based on a skills-based approach. The pedagogical methods promote student participation via professional immersion, case studies, research, summary projects and communication, while alternating between acquisition of theoretical knowledge […]

The Académie de Vitalopathie is a higher education institution of excellence in the field of naturopathy. Registered with the Dijon Board of Education, it has been the leading science-based naturopathy training centre in France for 15 years. Endowed with an innovative educational approach, the Académie de Vitalopathie provides quality training thanks to a faculty made […]

Founded in 2011, the Académie des Métiers d’Art [Academy for arts-based professions] is a private higher educational institution belonging to the Engagement & Enterprise Group. A modern, forward-looking institution, the AMA offers French state qualifications such as the CAP and Mention Complémentaire, but also less traditional offerings such as marketing, gemmology, technology, arts-based intellectual property […]

CIL Accès Métiers aims to: • nurture close relations with businesses and their staff or future staff in training • meet punctual or recurrent training, recruitment, consulting and advisory needs. The institution provides: • qualification- and degree-granting courses… • as part of sandwich contracts (French professional training and apprenticeship contracts); • as part of company […]

ACFAL FORMATION is a higher education institution located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (France). It offers continuing education and work-study programmes in commerce/sales, hospitality/restaurant business, desktop skills/administrative, French as a foreign language (FLE) and preparatory classes for competitive examinations. The goal of ACFAL FORMATION is to meet the expectations of the learners (students, employees, job seekers, […]

The AFI-L’UE Group, created in 1993 by a couple who are chartered accountants, is a Senegalese private higher education institution. The AFI-L’UE Group was founded on a strong identity and sound values: creativity, professionalism and good governance. Its pedagogical approach is based on the development of a student’s know-how and creativity. The goal is to […]

Established in 1995, AFIP is a school and training centre for professionals. This institution, which is based in Villeurbanne (France), offers initial training courses and work-study programmes in the fields of applied arts, IT and civil engineering. Drawing on its in-depth experience, AFIP offers quality training thanks to a faculty comprised of seasoned professionals. This […]

Agitel-Formation Group, located in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and created in 1990, today counts four institutes: ISCF (Advanced Institute of Accounting and Finance), ISCRH (Advanced Institute of Communication and Human Resources), ISI NTIC (Advanced Institute of Computing and New ICT) and ISMCI (Advanced Institute of Management and International Commerce). These institutes support students in terms of […]

Al-Mustaqbal University College (MUC) Iraq private university college was  founded in 2010 and is currently located in central Babylon province, a well-known historical ancient part of Iraq , 100-km to the south of the capital Baghdad. Accredited by the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, it is considered as one of the leading, […]

Communication, Commerce, Management, Sustainable It is the ideal school to start training in Journalism (BAC +3), Business (BAC +3), Management / Sustainable Development (BAC +3) and Human Ressources management (BAC +3) Alfae is agile. By offering tailor-made courses, courses at the forefront of new teaching practrices : Inverted Pedagogy, Blended Learning, Design Thinking, Business Game/ […]

Created in 1997, Alliance Européenne is a European private higher technical education institution based in Périgueux (France). The institution offers courses ranging from a high school diploma to master’s degrees in fields such as administration, marketing, human resources and finance. The school is keen on providing quality education that is exposed to Europe and the […]

Altéa Business & Digital School, a private higher education institution located in Bordeaux (France), offers courses ranging from a high school diploma to master’s degrees in various fields: secretarial studies, commerce, management, e-commerce, marketing, human resources, etc. A modest sized institution, Altéa Business & Digital School relies on a faculty made up of qualified experts […]

Founded in 2016, ALTICOME is a training organisation specialised in commerce. Its programmes are taught 100 % by sandwich training. The institution has a strong reputation in the west of France and is driven by an ambition to develop sandwich training in Britany. ALTICOME Formations offers innovative, qualification-granting and academically rigorous programmes. Courses range from […]

AROBASE is a specialist of Social and Solidarity Economy and has formed for 35 years, more than 4 000 professionals in this business sector, mainly in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. AROBASE is creator, producer and certifier of their trainings, all registered in French Qualification Repertory (European Qualification Framework EQF) Also, AROBASE accompanies and forms professionals on business […]

Video Games & VFX) and Fine Arts. The school was created in 2004 and is run by professionals from the film and video game industries. It focuses on a solid understanding of traditional artistic disciplines as the foundation for a mastery of digital technologies. 3 campuses in France : Montpellier (South of France) I Paris […]

Prép’Art is a preparatory school for public art schools. It offers quality artistic and cultural education in one year, in order to enable students to join a leading art school in France or in Europe (art, design, graphic design, architecture, illustration, animation or cinema school). This preparatory year takes place in three phases: a learning […]

Aurlom Prepa is a leading BTS preparation institution. The institution offers two modes of BTS preparation: • traditional preparation providing exam training in the very best conditions (small class sizes, excellent, specialised teachers who are authors of reference works in their subject areas, brand-new offices in the heart of Paris); • premium preparation, which also […]

Founded in 1982 and located in the heart of Paris (France), Autograf is specialised in design and applied arts. It offers high-quality programmes available both full time and as part-time sandwich courses. Thanks to its experience, adaptability and expertise, Autograf’s educational team offers first-rate teaching, enabling students to develop their creativity, confidence and critical thinking […]

Avicenna International College (AIC) is an independent institution with high international standards in education. AIC is dedicated to a holistic approach of education, the well-being of students, their training for tomorrow as successful global citizens. AIC provides high academic standards both in languages and in sciences, and makes sure its students are admitted to the […]

As the number one private school of Art in France (outside Paris), Bellecour Ecole offers the widest and most coherent range of training in creative fields – Design, Media and Entertainment (Animation and Game). Therefore, each student may find their place in creative industries and forge the career path they have chosen. Such versatility allows […]

BSM PRO is a private higher educational institution located in Puget Sur Argens, France. It offers courses ranging from pre-bachelor’s to master’s levels in various domains: trade, management, marketing, human resources, banking, and accounting and administration. At BSM PRO, career preparation is considered a priority. Students have the opportunity to study as part of a […]

CAFA Formations is a private higher education institution located in the heart of Bordeaux (France). It provides programmes ranging from Bac to Bac +5 in various fields of activity : commerce, shop management, e-commerce, wines and spirits, insurance. The success of our students is our priority! Every year the centre receives students from all over […]

CANVAS is a Swiss institution specialising in fashion and graphic design. It is based in Lausanne (the Swiss Olympic City). Founded more than 25 years ago, the institution has gained an outstanding reputation for its visual arts programmes. It offers a wide range of courses, including in fashion design, graphic design, illustration and publication, and […]

Caribbean Business School aims to enable occupational integration or reintegration and promotion of students, job seekers and employees.


Specialised Centre for Continuing Vocational Training – Intra and inter-company Public in insertion and company employees. In the following areas : – Communication – Wellbeing – Occupational health and safety

CEBP is a private higher education institution based in Paris (France) that is specialised in French as a foreign language (FLE) courses for non-native speakers of French. Students from all over the world attend the quality programmes in the heart of the French capital. CEBP is a modest-sized institution characterised by small groups and divisions […]

CEFCO is a private continuing education centre located in Renens (Switzerland). The institution works with professionals wishing to develop or update their existing skills or acquire new skills so as to strengthen their professional profiles or make a career change. The centre offers courses in procurement, accounting, leadership, management, marketing, project management, human resources and […]

The over 23,000 students that have trained at CENEC Malaga over 30 years is the best proof of the quality education provided by the institution. Experience, knowledge, professional skills, passion for new technologies, proactiveness and the commitment of the team have enabled the school to become an indispensable partner to companies. Recognised as a leader […]

European Centre for Research, Development and Teaching of Nutrition and Nutritherapy The European College of Nutrition and Nutritherapy is a department of CERDEN (European Research Centre, Development and Teaching of Nutrition and Nutritherapy)

Cerfpa is a private distance learning and e-learning centre that offers a broad range of over 100 courses in 9 sectors, such as events communication, corporate careers as well as social, psychology and alternative medicine careers. Recognised for the quality and seriousness of its training, Cerfpa centre offers all-rounded supervision and guidance, enabling its learners […]

Ceruleum is a visual arts school that was founded in 1980 and is based in Lausanne (Switzerland). Intended for young people who seek to make a career out of their artistic talents, Ceruleum offers courses in illustration, comics, cartoons (2D and 3D) and game art. The school trains its students to become “professionals” of their […]

For 30 years, the CESA Sup Group has been training and preparing students for careers (from specialised technician to senior executive level) in fields of expertise including Management, Marketing, International Commerce and Information Technology: software engineering, security, web, embedded systems, mobile systems, etc. The priority of CESA Sup is to enable its students to thrive […]

For almost 25 years now, COGEFI group, a training institution based in Ile-de-France, has been offering programmes in the fields of Management, Human Resources, Marketing and Finance. The institution has already trained over 6000 students and employees. The school provides its learners with custom pedagogy, individual attention and personalised guidance. Thanks to a network of […]

CFAP is a work-study professional training centre located in Toulouse (France). The institution offers courses in management and customer relations, and skills training through professional training contracts in commerce and sales. CFAP places learners’ personalised and individualised support at the heart of its pedagogical approach as it enrols a minimal number of students per class […]

CFC Sainte-Ursule is an institution based in Caen (France) that specialises in initial training and work-study programmes for careers in the tertiary and community health sectors. The institution places students at the heart of its educational approach, which rests on three pillars: pedagogical innovation through regular supervision and personalised support, international exposure with partnerships abroad […]

CFI Formation is an independent training centre that has been a leading actor in sandwich-training and continuous education in Clermont-Ferrand since 1984. CFI Formation has been an accredited CFA (apprentice training centre) since 2020. Our programmes are all accessible via an apprenticeship contract. Our professional know-how enables us to offer high-quality and reputable programmes in […]

The Centre de Formation en Nutrithérapie Appliquée (C.F.N.A.) is located in Belgium. It aims to train doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, naturopaths, dietitians and other healthcare professionals in nutritherapy. C.F.N.A strives to provide you with the latest, cutting-edge and up-to-date teaching in line with contemporary scientific research. The C.F.N.A collaborates with the internationally renowned Dr Jean-Paul Curtay, […]

At Cifep we are convinced that access to higher education, reorientation or retraining should be available to all, as long as the desire and prerequisites to enter training are met. Our ambition is to build on the success of our work with the European Union. Our ambition is to build with the students who choose […]

OUR SCHOOL CIME Art is specialized in the field of digital arts. It offers 4-year training courses in the fields of video games and 3D animation movie. During their studies, students develop their professional project, their technical skills but also an artistic outlook. YOUR FUTURE Today, having a degree is no longer enough to enter […]

Founded in 1992, the CNFDI (Centre National Privé de Formation à Distance) has already trained more than 100,000 students across more than 100 countries. The 200 programmes offered by the CNFDI are all designed to be taught remotely, thus allowing students to study throughout the year, at their own pace and in a progressive and […]

Located at the heart of Marseille (France), near the Old Port, Coaching PACA is a commerce and management school that offers qualifying study programmes ranging from BTS certificates to master’s degrees, through work-study programmes, initial training and distance learning. Specialised in training fields such as administration, tourism, management, marketing and communication, Coaching PACA offers internationally-oriented […]

Compta Sup Marketing is a private higher educational institution located in Domont (France). It is specialised in education for the tertiary sector (including management, accounting, communications, finance, human resources). Programmes range from school-leaving to master’s level. The institution offers a high-quality, personalised learning experience thanks to an experienced, student-focused teaching team. In order to ensure […]

Corot Formations is a training centre through apprenticeship or professional training contracts that is located in Marseille (France) and is specialised in sectors such as restaurant business, sales, commerce and management/customer relations. The centre aims to endow each individual with the opportunity to specialise in a field of their choice, to be fulfilled in their […]

Founded in 2016, Councelling is a training organisation offering short, qualification-granting courses in management, human resources and communication skills. Instructors are French working professionals, consultants and coaches with a solid understanding of the issues faced by today’s businesses. Teaching is built around interactive and practically oriented seminars. Councelling courses help learners acquire the concrete tools, […]

Cours Animalia is a private distance-learning institution specialised in training for animal-based professions (breeding, selling and animal care). Cours Animalia uses the latest technology to provide virtual individual classes, live discussions and group meetings. Students benefit from close supervision by a team of expert instructors, all with training and experience in the animal sector. With […]

ESCB (Ecole Supérieure Cours Bufflier), an advanced learning institute located at the heart of Papeete (French Polynesia), offers training in the tertiary sector through state diplomas (BTS), FEDE European diplomas and continuing education courses in the fields of accounting, administration and management. The pedagogical approach of the school is based on the professional training of […]

Co-Progress Education Group (CPMC) was established in 2001, with a focus on education investments, technology innovation, educational funds management, and educational training. In October, 2001, Shanghai Jiao Tong University MBA Alumni Association started this company with their first investment, five colleagues from the MBA alumni have formed the board with three of them becoming the […]

Based in Nantes (France), Créatica, a centre for research and education for learning applied creative integrative therapies, trains its students on haptology, a discipline that aims to help an individual or a group of individuals with their well-being, in a personal, professional or sporting context. Créatica offers flexible training that is tailored to each person’s […]

Studies, Advice and Training for companies. Come and discover our services. A full range of training courses are available to meet your needs. Agility, Project management, Human resources, Software development.

@CulturaVox Paris La Défense is the first French distance-learning (sandwich or full-time) centre to have been designed entirely by students and teachers. The institution is an online learning specialist offering BTS, European Bachelor’s, European Master’s and state-recognised RNCP-certified professional qualifications via distance learning: e-certificates from the prestigious Kedge Business School; FEDE/RNCP professional qualifications; the Voltaire […]

Located at the core of the Auvergne region in France, DEA Formation has been offering training for careers in the tertiary sector since 1986, through courses ranging from high school studies to bachelor’s degrees, under work-study programmes. In order to match the needs of companies and the mutations in the job market, the centre offers […]

DEC by ecoRH is a truly international Campus with all the training delivered in International English, the language that makes business global. All are welcome and specific courses have been developed to make sure that everyone can follow. DEC is a consortium of 2 schools, EcoRH, Business Intelligence School and Uniman, Academy of Managment, combining […]

Its main objective is to promote the individual talents and abilities of its pupils and to help them become self-dependent and responsible individuals. The Kleines privates Lehrinstitut Derksen School offers high-quality education in many different fields: German, modern languages, mathematics, sciences, performing and visual arts, political education, communication studies and religion. Learning in small groups […]

A group of male and female managers decided, in response to the widespread social and intellectual vulnerability of Congolese young people – particularly those in the city of Ponte-Noire – and the lack of proven skills in certain fields, to found the Ecole Canadienne de Management (ECAM). The ECAM is the fruit of collaboration between […]

The Ecole de Commerce de Lyon (France) is a commerce institute that offers courses ranging from post-high school to post-graduate programmes, and provides its students, trainees and employees with a forum for learning, sharing, specialisation and exposure. Owing to innovative pedagogy, the learner is at the heart of the teaching and learning approach. Cohesion, work […]

Ecole en Direct is an advanced distance-learning private institution based in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). Its goal: Train, support, develop and strengthen the knowledge and skills of its learners through innovative, rigorous and quality education. Ecole en Direct offers a broad spectrum of courses in fields such as marketing, communication, logistics, finance, administration, management and civil […]

For 50 years, Grandjean School has been committed to responding to both the needs of economic players and student expectations. The institution presents a distinct pedagogical approach hinged on the following values: – Proximity with the professional environment through its network of partner companies which consistently offer students internship offers, professional training contracts and employment […]

Created in 1997 and located in the Lyon area (France), the Ecole Hôtelière du Lyonnais offers training for careers in the restaurant business, service industry, accommodation and tourism sectors. Thanks to à la carte work-study programmes, the school positions practical learning at the heart of its pedagogical approach in order to allow students to be […]

Lemania School, which was founded in 1908, is a private school located in Lausanne (Switzerland) that offers a broad range of programmes ranging from secondary education to higher studies, which are delivered by experienced faculty members who are keen on imparting their knowledge. It is also an innovative and multicultural school that is exposed to […]

The Minerva School is a private professional training institution that was founded in 1949 in Lausanne (Switzerland). It offers training for careers in the paramedical sector, on a Swiss and European scale. The school positions its students’ job market integration as one of the priorities of its pedagogical approach. It provides them with quality education […]

Racine School is a professional training institution based in Marrakesh, Morocco, offering 5 training programmes: qualifying study programme, decentralised advanced training, continuing education, certifications and languages. It mainly offers programmes in the fields of banking, insurance, tourism, management, human resources, IT and 3D. The aim of the institution is to train students to endow them […]

Vidal School offers courses across 7 different programmes of study: Banking & Insurance, Communication, HR, Commerce, Management, Real Estate Careers and Tourism. Vidal School seeks to guide its students throughout their training by presenting them with an optimal work environment to enable them to build an ambitious career plan and establish themselves successfully within the […]

ECOSTIG has been offering programmes in the fields of technology, IT and administration for 20 years. All courses offered by ECOSTIG address the needs of businesses and are designed for students or business executives who are seeking to develop new skills. ECOSTIG offers an optimal learning environment thanks to quality equipment, a renowned faculty as […]

ECOSUP – ESH LILLE is a management school specialised in travel industry careers: Hospitality, Tourism, Restaurant Business, Event Planning and Management. Preparing students for all careers in an economic sector with high recruitment levels in France and internationally, ECOSUP – ESH LILLE is a benchmark institution in terms of training the young executives and managers […]


EDD, a school for customs brokers, was founded in 1982 and is based in Casablanca (Morocco). It is the first private Moroccan school that is specialised in customs professional training. This institution was created in order to meet the needs of the Moroccan customs sector, as well as to facilitate its development. EDD offers a […]

E-DLTRA is the first professional training center specializing in the fields of customs declarants, logistics and transport in the Rabat-Salé-Kénita region. Located in the center of Kénitra, the specialized school for customs declaration, logistics and transport trains every year versatile middle and senior managers, capable of integrating easily into the market and occupying positions of […]

EEMCI – European School of International Management and Commerce In a globalised world, EEMCI, the European School of International Management and Commerce, seeks to mould students and corporate managers who are respectful of human and civic values. The school offers superior academic programmes in the fields of Management, Commerce and Administration, with a pedagogical focus […]

EFCAM is a French independent education academy in communication, audio-visual and marketing. We are listed by the French Department of Education. Excellence is the heart of EFCAM’s pedagogical project with immersive teaching and online learning environment. Our degree programs are designed to provide students with knowledge and real-world experience that will prepare them for unique […]

EFCI, the French School of International Commerce, is a higher education institution based in Casablanca (Morocco), at the heart of its dynamic business hub. The school offers courses in logistics and international transport, communication, marketing, sales and international finance, up to master’s degree level. The pedagogical approach of EFCI is based on individualised and personalised […]

The Ecole Française d’Enseignement Technique (EFET) is a member of the EFET group. The EFET group has institutions in all of Morocco’s main cities and provides training to thousands of future business managers in various sectors. The EFET’s programmes are taught by its almost 400 first-rate permanent staff teachers, external lecturers and business consultants, all […]

EFV Management is a private business and management school that is located in Casablanca and in Marrakesh (Morocco). It trains students on marketing, logistics, finance, management, human resources, tourism, international commerce and luxury industry careers, through programmes ranging from high school courses to master’s degrees. The school also offers international MBAs, in partnership with prominent […]


EHC – The Hospitality School of Casablanca EHC, the Hospitality School of Casablanca (Morocco), offers training in hospitality and restaurant business which meet the real needs of companies in the sector. At the heart of a demanding sector, EHC strives to offer excellent training, which is highly in demand among recruiters. Students of EHC acquire […]

The E.H.E.P.M is a psychology institution founded on the theory of Paul Diel, a twentieth century psychotherapist. The institution’s two-year training course is taught both by teachers and practitioners in medicine and psychoanalysis. The higher education course will be complemented by a university degree and a master’s degree from 2019 and 2020 onwards.

EIEBS European Institute of Excellence Business School is a graduate school of business and management, located in the heart of the financial center of Luxembourg, proud of his geographical location allowing it to best train to their students in their professional and personal progress by collaborating with recognized companies in the tertiary sector (finance, management, […]

Located in Paris, the EIMParis is a high school from bac + 2 to bac + 8 around the managerial functions of companies: commerce, entrepreneurship, marketing, communication, accounting and human resources. All our courses, as our bac + 2, bachelors and masters delivering diplomas recognized in France. The mission of our Business School is to […]

ELITECH is a private higher educational institution specialised in commerce and IT. Founded through the merging of a private higher educational institution established in 1991 and a banking IT consultancy, ELITECH has developed innovative educational methods through synergies between various actors, the institution, its students and businesses across numerous sectors: banking, finance, insurance, energy and […]

Elytis Business School, a private advanced learning institute, possess three campuses in Brittany (France): Brest, Quimper and Lorient. It offers qualifying study programmes and skills training in the sectors of company administration, commerce, communication, banking, real estate, tourism and web marketing. Elytis has designed educational programmes that allow students to acquire knowledge, know-how and interpersonal […]


The Ecole de Management de Djibouti (EMD) is a higher educational institution located in Djibouti (close to the city centre). Courses at the EMD are based on both face-to-face teaching and distance learning via an e-learning platform adapted to the learning rhythm of each student. The EMD has an excellent reputation owing to high-quality teaching, […]

EMEP – ECOLE MAROCAINE D’ÉLECTRONIQUE PRATIQUE Created in 1999, EMEP – the Practical Electronics School of Morocco – is a professional training institution based in Casablanca (Morocco) that is accredited by the State of Morocco. It offers diplomas ranging from a high school diploma to master’s degrees in maintenance of computer, electronic and automatic systems, […]

Emmaus international university, which has been accredited by the state since 2019 by application of the legislative framework on higher education in ivory coast, arose from a desire to help build a knowledge society for the future. It has two main departments: Its bsm (business school and management) department; And its interior architecture and design […]

EMPSI is a place of teaching and sharing located in Casablanca. It offers courses from Bac+2, Bac+3 to Bac+5 in Management, Finance, Marketing, Business Management, Communication, Human Resources, Digital Marketing, Web Journaling and Mobile/Web Application Development. The School of Management and Computer Sciences is committed to training qualified profiles, with technical skills, able to work […]

A leading distance-learning business school in France, ENACO’s vocation is to train professionals and leaders of the future through e-learning programmes in the fields of commerce, marketing, management, finance, administration and human resources. Through its 40 qualifying and certifying study programmes, ENACO offers comprehensive programmes up to master’s degrees, which can be pursued through initial […]

Saint Joseph-La Salle Lorient belongs to the LA SALLE network, the first educational network in the world, founded at the end of the 17th century and which counts 1500 schools in 79 countries and 1.3 million pupils. Located in Lorient, the school complex is a private Catholic educational institution, under contract with the state, founded […]

EPCCI, the Practical School of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Ivory Coast, is a higher education institution based in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) that was created in 1938. It offers initial training and continuing education programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in finance, IT, management, administration, accounting and marketing. EPCCI […]

EPIM is a private vocational educational institution founded in 2017 and recognised by the Moroccan Ministry of Education. The institution offers courses in ICT, administration, management and commerce. In order to give its students an international vision, EPIM has established partnerships with overseas institutions such as IUT Henri Poincaré, Longwy, France. The institution aims to […]

“Face to face” training for young people or “Blended Learning” Digital Marketing Communication Human Resources Face-to-face and E-learning

Erudis Formation offers degrees and qualifications in the tertiary sector. Programmes range from French CAP to master’s level and are available in trade, accounting and administration, marketing, communications, real estate and medical administration. The institution also offers courses in beauty (hairdressing and makeup) and preparatory courses for French state paramedical, health and social examinations (specialised […]

Since 1998, ESARC STUDAIR, a school located in Rabat (Morocco), has been offering training for careers in aeronautics, tourism, hospitality and commerce. Now a reference in these sectors, accredited by the State of Morocco and certified by the Moroccan Civil Aviation Authority, ESARC STUDAIR places its students’ employability at the heart of its approach. The […]

ESAVS offers advanced lifelong vocational training for veterinarians around the world conveying evidence based knowledge and skills by blended learning concepts leading to diplomas in specific disciplines. We provide student centred, practice oriented education by internationally recognized experts and using a case based problem solving approach enabling our students to immediately apply their newly acquired […]

The « ESC des 3 frontières » is a private higher education institution of excellence located in Saint-Louis and Offering post graduation educational programs leading to master degrees. All the programs are available solely in French or also in German with part of the program in 2 foreign countries : Germany and Switzerland. The institution […]

ESCM, an advanced institute for business and management studies based in Strasbourg (France), offers initial training, work-study and e-learning programmes ranging from two years’ post high school studies to master’s degrees in management, marketing, IT, e-business and human resources. Quality instruction and student supervision are at the heart of ESCM’s pedagogical approach. The school also […]

Created in 2006, ESCT – Advanced Institute of Works Management – is a private professional training institution specialised in the construction industry, and is based in Montreuil (France). The school trains students and working professionals or professionals seeking to switch careers, through work-study programmes and initial training, on-site or through e-learning and offers solutions tailored […]

ESEBAT SCHOOL OF ELECTRICITY, BUILDING AND PUBLIC WORKS Higher educational institution accredited by the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation. The institution is also a Technical and Professional Training Establishment, accredited by a decree of the Ministry for Labour and Technical Professional Training. In combining these two identities, the institution prepares its students to […]

ESMS SUPERIOR SCHOOL OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Ministry for Labour and Professional Training, the ESMS (l’Ecole Supérieure de Management Stratégique) also enjoys the institutional accreditation of the National Authority for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ANAQ-SUP) and is a member of the FEDE (Federation […]

ESO PARIS SUPOSTEO – Ecole Supérieure d’Ostéopathie Located in the heart of Marne-la-Vallée university campus, the École Supérieure d’Ostéopathie benefits from a privileged location which allows its French and foreign students to carry out higher studies in a calm and green setting although located nearby from Paris (Roissy Charles De Gaulle and Orly airports 30 […]

For over 15 years, ESOAD has been enabling its students to successfully accomplish their personal study projects, thanks to an e-learning Platform and programmes of study that are 100% distance Learning. These e-learning programmes allow learners to combine studies with a professional life, benefit from great flexibility for the Learning process and acquisition of skills, […]

Espace Gabriel – European University Institute The Institut Supérieur Européen offers 26 undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas in varied fields such as management, communication, finance, logistics, human resources and environment. Recognised by professionals and recruiters, the diplomas are a guarantee of quality education, innovative pedagogy and international prospects. The courses offered enable each individual to develop […]

ESRMI, Ecole Supérieure de Rabat en Management et Ingénierie (Higher Institute of Management and Engineering of Rabat), is a Moroccan higher education school, and is one of the leading schools in the private higher education field in Morocco. Through the input of administrative science and new information & communication technologies, ESRMI seeks to address changes […]

ESTC, School of Commercial Sciences and Techniques, is a business school located in Marseille (France). The institution provides its students with quality training for tertiary sector careers, through work-study, initial training and distance programmes, which are aligned with corporate expectations. The pedagogical approach of ESTC is based on five fundamental values: autonomy, action, commitment, adaptability […]

ESTUDIA, the Advanced Institute of Administration & Certified Accounting located in Strasbourg (France), offers courses ranging from high school studies to masters programmes in the fields of accounting, administration, finance, human resources and marketing. The school relies on qualified and seasoned faculty members who impart their competencies and experiences. Through initial training, continuing education or […]

ESTYA UNIVERSITY is a private higher educational institution specialised in a range of professional sectors. It aims to train the leaders of tomorrow. Thanks to careful supervision, the institution’s students develop their skills through learning and teaching synergies. ESTYA UNIVERSITY’s highly qualified teachers are selected amongst the most experienced in their field. The teaching team […]

ETIGE is a private professional training institution located in Fez (Morocco), which is specialised in professional training that matches the needs of companies and students’ expectations. The school avails a number of means to serve its students in order to ensure they become employed: daily supervision by qualified and experienced lecturers, quality training and emphasis […]

Founded in 1982, the ETS Ecole Européenne is a private higher educational institution located in Paris. It offers degree-granting programmes from secondary to master’s level in five areas: trade and management, communications, human resources, accounting and administration, and tourism. The institution’s range of full-time and sandwich programmes ensure ETS graduates are fully equipped to meet […]


ETS, the Ecole Tourangelle Supérieure, is a higher education institution based in Tours (France). It offers courses ranging from two years post high school studies to bachelor’s degrees specialised in management, marketing, communication and logistics. The school positions academic success and professional integration at the heart of its pedagogical model. To this effect, its pedagogical […]

Euridis is a business school specializing in training for the commerce and complex sales professions and Digital Business (Digital Marketing). We are the leader in France for programs in sales and commercial negotiation from undergraduate to postgraduate levels, with national titles and official titles registered in the French National Directory for Professional Certifications. Every year, […]

Euro-Formation is a private higher education school based in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) that offers a broad range of programmes ranging from marketing to IT, including finance and logistics. The main goal of Euro-Formation is to deliver quality training, aligned with the needs of companies and students’ expectations. It enables the latter to acquire pertinent knowledge […]

Created in 2008, Exxea is a training institution and a private distance learning institution. E-learning specialist, Exxea offers more than 30 training courses that qualify, certify and/or graduate in many fields. The teaching team shares its expertise and passion through quality training with tutoring and individual coachings. Our goal is to support you in your […]

EXXECC is an educational centre and apprenticeship training centre founded in 2008 in Marseille. The institution provides post-secondary to master’s level sandwich and full-time courses in tertiary sector subjects. It is well known and has an excellent reputation in the region.

Fabrik business school is part of the Stéphane Auger Com Group. The group is composed of three companies. The first, its leader, is an educational company for hairdressing professionals, present across France. The second company is specialised in NLP (neuro linguistic programming). The third company is Fabrik, which will open its doors in September 2021, […]

For ten years now FDM BUSINESS SCHOOL has been providing post-secondary to master’s-level courses taught via sandwich training or French professionalisation contracts. FDM BUSINESS SCHOOL enables students to gain both a qualification and professional experience while doing a job they enjoy. The FDM team assists students in finding sandwich-training contracts and in successfully completing their […]

Form@ction is a higher educational institution and a private vocational training centre located in Fort de France, Martinique. The institution offers degree-granting initial educational programmes from post-secondary to master’s level in marketing, tourism, management, human resources and IT. Students can also enrol in preparatory classes to prepare for national examinations to enter the health service, […]

The Formaction Institute is an advanced training and learning centre that was created in 2008 and is located in Ludres (France). It offers diplomas ranging from 2 years post-high school diplomas to master’s degrees, through work-study programmes or initial training. The institution thus provides training for careers in the tertiary sector (management, banking, marketing, human […]

FORMASUP CAMPUS is situated in the centre of Bordeaux. It consists of seven specialised institutions, each offering a lively, stimulating educational setting. FORMASUP CAMPUS is well-known for its economic and social engagement in the Aquitaine region. It has more than 900 business partners. FORMASUP CAMPUS has an ambitious educational mission, aiming to train responsible young […]

Forprodis is an expert company in distance learning, with two flagship schools, each specialized in its field: – EFCformation in the training of business management (accounting-management, payroll-human resources, legal) and real estate. – Créacours in the training of artistic creation (interior design, photography). Our training courses are aimed at a wide range of people who […]

Geneva Business School provides Swiss-quality business education in Geneva, Barcelona, and Madrid. It offers bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, and diverse continued education options that are 100% in English, and is committed to using innovative learning methods and new technologies. Students enjoy personalized mentoring, unique networking events, and support and guidance for internships and business ventures. A […]


GFS, Groupe Formation Systèmes, is a training centre located near Clermont-Ferrand (France). It offers diplomas ranging from a high school diploma to master’s degrees in the tertiary and construction industry sectors. The centre delivers quality training that is hinged on both the acquisition of firm theoretical knowledge and practical implementation through significant professional experiences engaged […]

Intent on providing students with highly selective courses in promising areas, GGI Business School uses its expertise to serve premium quality higher education and offers full-time academic training where practice is an essential component of the teaching activity. Theoretical instruction is consistently supplemented with practical case studies supervised by our teaching staff, and with hands-on […]

GO NUMERIQUE (Data Technologies Europe Communications Services) DATA AND TECHNOLOGY OF COMMUNICATIONS AND SERVICES, the company is DATATECH, present you the Go Numeric activity for the professional training. The speciality is the informatic sector, and bureautic, communication and technology. We can to training for example, secretaries and Web developers.

GPEI is a training centre specialised in work study since 1999, in the fields of marketing, management and administration management. We are certified Quality by Veritas since 2016 – “Qualiopi” certification. Surrounded by a skilled and experienced teaching team, relying on a vast network of companies forged throughout the years, our human-sized school favours proximity […]

Established in 1974, Griffith College is Ireland’s largest independent 3rd level institution with locations in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. The main campus is situated on seven acres within a mile of St Stephen’s Green on Dublin’s South Circular Road. Griffith College enjoys a national and a growing international reputation for student success. The College has […]

With over 40 years of existence, the EFET Group has trained thousands of students who now work as executives in companies operating in various sectors: Finance, IT, Marketing, Management, Tourism and Logistics. The pedagogical approach of the EFET Group is an active pedagogy based on a skills-based approach directly connected to the realities of professional […]

Founded in 2008, IKI Group offers programmes in the fields of administration, management and commerce. Created to assist businesses seeking to develop its pool of high-level executives for various management positions, the institute has learnt to adapt to the fast-paced Moroccan economy. The faculty of IKI Group is mainly made up of recognised professionals, which […]

ILEIC Group, the Free Institute of Computer and Business Studies, is a grouping of private professional training schools based in the Agadir region (Morocco). Created in 1988, it is one of the first professional training schools to be accredited in Morocco. The institution offers a broad range of courses in fields such as finance, IT, […]

MIAGE Group was created in 1996 by university lecturers and corporate professionals. The Group continues to serve as a benchmark in Morocco in terms of professional training in sectors such as Information Technology, Administration & Finance, Transport & Logistics and Communication. In order to meet the needs of businesses seeking future employees who are qualified […]

The Geneva School of Business and Economics is a private college located in Geneva, Switzerland. The school offers diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Programs culminate in a certificate, diploma, post graduate diploma, bachelor, master, executive master or doctor degree in business, finance, marketing, international relations and information technology.

Founded in 1867 by a group of specialists, the Haute Ecole de Joaillerie has been training jewellers, goldsmiths, gemmologists, managers and sales teams for 150 years. Its close ties with industry make it a key actor in teaching the French jewellery tradition. The Institute’s graduates are employed by major jewellery brands and workshops. The Haute […]

HEC Abidjan, an advanced business studies institute, is a private higher education institution and business school that was created in 2001 and is located in Abidjan (Ivory Coast). The school provides its students with rigorous, quality programmes that match company needs, and which adhere to the standards and demands of the Grandes Ecoles (advanced institutes) […]

HECGI is an advanced institute of business, administration and IT that is based in Kenitra (Morocco).  The school trains students for careers in finance, logistics, IT, management and human resources. The pedagogical approach of HECGI enables students to endow themselves with the operational skills required to take up leadership roles. As such, programmes offered by […]

HEDECI (haute école de développement des compétences internationales) HEDECI enables students to (re)discover their potential, their talents and their goals. Rather than relying on traditional teaching methods, students are offered guidance in setting their own career objectives. The institution attaches great importance to students’ skills, helping them to become autonomous learners and professionals.

Hepro, an advanced professional studies school located in Casablanca (Morocco), provides training for careers in administration, management, accounting, international commerce and IT. Keen on aligning with the consistently evolving technologies, especially in terms of telecommunications and networks, Hepro offers programmes that help address the current needs of companies. Thanks to a faculty comprised of highly […]

The Groupe Horizon is specialised in training, consulting, auditing, recruitment and coaching in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region of France. For 12 years now it has been the go-to partner for professionals in the Var department. As a career-growth accelerator for over 15,000 staff and non-staff members from in all sectors and across France, the […]

Horizons University is a private higher education institution based in Paris (France). It provides training for corporate careers (marketing, management, commerce, communication, entrepreneurship) via BBAs, MBAs, DBAs and Ph.D.s. Its programmes, which are marked by a firm global focus, provide future graduates with the opportunity to work in France or internationally. The institution provides on-site […]

HR Academy is the higher education entity of the RH EXPERT firm, which is specialised in human resources training, and is based in Luxembourg. It is the only school in the country that offers work-study programmes from bachelor’s to master’s degrees in this field, which enables students to immerse themselves in the professional realm as […]

With its strong positioning in the higher education sector, the IA School is the School of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Management and belongs to the GEMA Group (Grandes Ecoles des Métiers d’Avenir). The mission of the IA School is to train experts in Artificial Intelligence, with a dual technological and managerial competence. Students can […]


IAT, the African Institute of Technology, is a higher education institution located in Niamey (Niger). It offers programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in various sectors: communication, accounting, finance, IT, human resources, etc. IAT also offers the possibility of distance learning programmes in the tertiary and industrial sectors. IAT relies on excellent […]

IBEGIS is a business school located in Casablanca (Morocco), which specialises in administration, commerce, marketing, IT and graphic design. It provides initial education programmes ranging from a high school diploma to master’s degrees, as well as continuing education programmes for professionals seeking specialisation or who want to acquire new skills. Its primary goal is to […]

IBEM, the Institute of Business Enterprise & Management, is a professional training institution based in Fez (Morocco). It provides training for students in the fields of international commerce, IT, management and administration through initial training and continuing education, and which are adapted to the job market and company needs. The pedagogical model of IBEM hinges […]

iBTS is a private higher technical institution based near Paris (France). It offers courses in banking, commerce, IT, administration and tourism. The institute has 3 entities: iBTS: from high school diploma to 2 years post-high school studies iBACHELOR: Bachelor’s degrees iMASTERE: Master’s degrees The institution positions professionalisation at the heart of its pedagogical approach, which […]

Since 2006, Icademie, a distance and on-site learning centre, has been offering over 120 courses in a variety of fields such as human resources, marketing, communication, management and web, among others. Its distance learning offer and on-site learning centres help learners accomplish their professional projects. To this effect, it is possible to choose between various […]


Founded in 2008, ICH specialises in hospitality and management. The institution offers both high-quality degree-granting programmes and ongoing training to meet the needs of practising professionals.

Established in 2006, Institut Les Compétences Marocaines (ICMP-Private Moroccan Skills Institute) is a professional training centre whose objective is to implement improvement and development plans by providing training, advice and assistance. ICMP offers a range of programmes and diplomas across various fields, via initial training or continuing education: Business Management and Administration, Transport & Logistics […]

For 30 years, ICOGES has been occupying a central place among higher education private institutions. With 3 campuses in France in Paris, Lyon and Angers, ICOGES offers over 50 programmes across 14 activity sectors: ranging from real estate to design, communication to IT, and banking to dietetics. All benefit from quality teaching, a solid professional […]

ICSSA (Saint-André Superior Catholic Institute) is a two-in-one institution: a post-baccalaureate high school and a training centre located at the heart of Niort. ICSSA receives over 250 students and interns every year, at a modern campus in a pleasant and welcoming environment. The institute positions professionnalisation at the heart of its pedagogical approach by allowing […]

IDDTL is the first training centre accredited by the Moroccan State that is specialised in the fields of customs, transport and logistics. It was founded, on the one hand, with the aim of training highly-qualified professionals in view of responding to the needs of businesses operating in the sectors of international commerce, freight forwarding, transport […]

IDELCA Business School is a business and management school located in Montpellier (France), which offers professional training from BTS certificates to master’s degrees based on their three fields of competence:  management & business, business administration and paramedical studies. Professionalisation is at the heart of the school’s approach: close links with companies, prime trainers from the […]

Established in 2002, IDPCES BREST is a private institute offering programmes to prepare for competitive entrance examinations as well as higher studies and which is based in Brest (France). Its pedagogical excellence hinges on a faculty comprised of over 30 lecturers with top honours and seasoned professionals serving in the social, paramedical, medical, human resources […]


THE DIPLOMATIC INSTITUTE OF PARIS is the Diplomacy School par excellence for a diversified world elite. The Institut Diplomatique de Paris is an independent private higher education, research and innovation institution dedicated to the diplomatic and world affairs professions around the world. The Institut Diplomatique de Paris is a pioneering institution, renowned and a reference […]

Founded in 2000 in Geneva (Switzerland), IDS (Image de Soi) is an institution specialised in personal image consulting, coaching and communications. It trains future image-consulting professionals, offering its courses via e-learning and in-person and hybrid teaching. In-person teaching is also available in Paris and Brussels. The institution provides self-standing programmes that help its students to […]

IEC Pau is a private higher education and professional training institution based in Pau (France). It offers programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in fields such as marketing, communication, human resources and administration, as well as preparatory classes for the health and social services sector. Whether through initial training or work-study programmes, […]


INSTITUT EUROPEEN DE FORMATION The Institut Européen de Formation is a private higher education institution located in Strasbourg (France). It offers programmes ranging from 2 years post-high school studies to master’s degrees, through initial training or work-study programmes, which are specialised in commerce, administration, marketing and human resources. Drawing from its experience, IEF delivers quality […]

The Institut d’Enseignement Supérieur par Alternance is a private institution founded in 1986. It offers a range of courses from CAP to master’s level, including French state-certified degrees, French RNCP-registered qualifications and European degrees. Programmes are enriched by the IESA’s collaboration with a large number of PMEs, PMIs and leading companies in Alsace and Lorraine, […]

IETP is a professional training institution based in Kenitra (Morocco) that is accredited by the Moroccan State. It offers qualifying study programmes from high school studies to master’s degrees in marketing, sustainable development, finance, IT, logistics, management and tourism. The institution shapes future operational and qualified professionals through quality programmes. IETP relies on a teaching […]

IFA Paris is an international fashion school with campuses in Paris, Shanghai and Istanbul. Founded in 1982, the school has grown both within France and internationally and currently has around a thousand students from over fifty different countries. The school offers bachelor’s degrees in fashion, design and marketing and MBAs in luxury and fashion management: […]

Located close to Paris, IFAP Management was founded in 2008. It offers post-secondary to master’s level sandwich programmes that prepare students for careers in the tertiary sector. This student-focused institution aims to ensure its graduates have excellent career prospects. Teaching methods are rigorous and efficient, and class sizes are small. Students receive individual supervision, ensuring […]


IFA – FRENCH BUSINESS INSTITUTE Based in Metz, France, the Institut Français des Affaires (IFA) is a private higher educational institution founded in 1986. The institution offers post-secondary to master’s-level sandwich programmes tailored to the needs of businesses. Programmes focus on the tertiary sector: trade, marketing, management, communications, human resources, administration, accounting, banking and finance. […]


IFC is a training centre located in Avignon (France). The institution offers work-study programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in various sectors: banking, real estate, law, communication, marketing, tourism, accounting, administration, human resources, IT, transport and logistics. A modest-sized institution, IFC delivers quality education with the aim of steering its students towards […]

IFGIA, the Institute of Applied Computer Science Management, is a private institution based in Kenitra (Morocco). It offers qualifying programmes up to master’s degrees in IT, logistics and management, which meet students’ expectations and economic stakeholders’ needs alike. Courses at IFGIA develop the technological, commercial and entrepreneurial knowledge of its students. The institution also positions […]

Established in 1971, IFM Business School (IFM University) is an accredited and innovative institution located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland. IFM specialises in helping students reach their goals and achieve a successful career – half a century of education and business expertise is testament to that. A pioneering curriculum designed by experts with input […]

IFPC is a professional training institution based in Boucau (France), whose programmes are based on four fields: commerce, hospitality/restaurant business, catering and health careers. IFPC’s main objective is its students’ employability, such that the school trains them on the acquisition of corporate know-how and attitude, in order for them to be responsible, professional and operational. […]

IFPF, the Training Institute for the Future, is a private higher and professional education institution based in Tangier (Morocco). The school offers initial training programmes from high school studies to bachelor’s degrees in logistics, QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment), international commerce and accounting. IFPF also offers continuing education programmes for professionals seeking to acquire and/or […]

IGMA School Group was founded in 1994 and offers courses in the fields of information technology, administration and tourism. IGMA School Group stands out by its original pedagogical approach: a skill-based approach based on implementing projects in small groups and consistent guidance from the permanent faculty members, as well as professional speakers who are experts […]

IISGA, the Computer and Applied Administration Science Institute, is a higher education institution based in El Jadida (Morocco). It offers training for corporate careers (marketing, communication, finance, IT, logistics and management) through qualifying study programmes from high school studies to bachelor’s degrees. The aim of the institution is to train future professionals who are competent, […]

IISG, the International Institute of Management Science is a private higher education institution and a corporate consultancy based in Algiers (Algeria). The school offers qualifying, certifying and à la carte study programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in a variety of specialities: marketing, communication, finance, logistics, human resources, management and tourism.

Established in 1989, ILCP, the Institute of Portuguese Language and Culture, is a private institution specialised in Portuguese and lusophone language and culture courses. The principle of its pedagogical approach hinges on full immersion in a Portuguese and Brazilian atmosphere, surrounded with teachers who are natives of Portugal and Brazil, in order to enhance the […]

LIMA is a private educational institution located in Batna, Algeria. Providing high-level training in management and technology, respecting international standards and ensuring that learners acquire proven skills that open up new perspectives for their desired-professional career paths. We aim to reinforce linkages between our institute and local businesses to ensure the relevance and sustainability of […]

Created in September 2003, the Institute of Management (IMB) is a higher education institution located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It seeks to contribute towards training an elite that is capable of supporting the development of the country, and the continent in general. The programmes at IMB are based on three fundamental pillars: the […]


Institut of Management from Brazzaville Created in September 2003, the Brazzaville Institute of Management (IMB) is a higher education institution located in the Republic of Congo. It seeks to contribute towards training an elite that is capable of supporting the development of the country, and the continent in general. The programmes at IMB are based […]

The IMC European Business School is a business and management school based in the major employment zones within the Lorraine region: Metz, Nancy, Freyming-Merlebach and Luxembourg. It is a major educational actor in tertiary training in Lorraine, France. All IMC programmes have been designed as bridges between secondary education and the labour market. The IMC […]

IMDTEC provides 42 diploma courses and 90 certifying courses. Form face-to-face, e-learning and hybrid professionals and leaders of tomorrow in the fields of commerce, marketing, management, finance, management and human resources, IT, digital, quality, environment, energy, health and safety. IMDTEC offers students full courses up to Bac +5, which can be followed in initial training […]

Private National Center for Distance Learning registered at the Ministry of National Education, specialized in real estate and decoration.

INEAD, is a distance learning specialist that offers 58 advanced programmes through e-learning in 9 fields of excellence: ranging from HR to Finance, Marketing to Logistics. INEAD’s pedagogical approach is grounded on innovative and agile programmes coupled with participatory projects (workshops). INEAD is keen on offering rigorous quality training in order to facilitate the professional […]

Created in 1992, Info House Morocco is a private education institution based in Fez (Morocco). It offers many initial and continuing education programmes in marketing, finance, IT, administration and commerce. Info House Morocco is a school that is open to the world and is close with companies, addressing their needs by training future professionals who […]

InfoDesign Sup School, which is located in Casablanca (Morocco), is a private school specialised in computer, multimedia and web studies. It offers two types of programmes: qualifying programmes, mainly for high school graduates and young students, involving a period for theoretical lessons, internal projects and internship in a company; and, continuing education, for professionals who […]

Artline is a school specializing in the digital creation sector, which trains students for careers in design, 3D animation and video games. Throughout their studies, students are surrounded by mentors who are recognized in the professional world and who enable them to progress and reach a solid professional level. All courses are offered 100% online […]

The Institut Ciel is a private vocational education institute located in Tangier, Morocco. It provides quality programmes in administration, IT, logistics, management and QSE (quality, safety and environment). The institution puts students’ future career prospects at the heart of its educational programmes, which are based on the acquisition of key skills. Students undertake internships in […]

The Institut de Reiki is a private higher educational institution that has been teaching reikiology – hands-on therapeutic meditative relaxation – for 18 years. Traditional Reiki, which was developed in Japan at the beginning of the twentieth century, has been brought up to date by the Institut de Reiki, which combines the initial teachings of […]

Institut IGP (IGP Institute) is a private institution based in Casablanca (Morocco). It offers programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in accounting, commerce, marketing, business administration, finance, communication and human resources. These diplomas mould future professionals who are competent, multi-skilled and responsible, and who can meet the expectations of the job market […]

For 30 years, Institut Rousseau has been offering qualifying courses in the tertiary sector (Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Publishing, Notary Services) in Toulouse, France. This higher education institution is keen on implementing a pedagogical approach centred on individual mentorship of the students, consistent rigorousness and innovation of the learning experience and efficiency in terms of […]

Founded in 1993, Interactif Formation is a training and consulting organisation focusing on ‘human aspects and relations within organisations’. It is present throughout France. The organisation aims to assist companies/organisations, as well as staff/managers, in developing their potential and their interpersonal and managerial skills, helping them to work with people in an effective, harmonious and […]

Intérieur Déco is an interior decoration and design school that was created in 2007. Now a benchmark, Intérieur Déco offers courses through e-learning and endows its students with professional skills in decoration, architecture, interior design, spatial planning and landscaping. Owing to the expertise of its responsive and attentive faculty members, the flexibility of its programmes […]

The IPCEM (Institut Professionnel du Commerce de l’Entreprise et du Management) is an educational centre located in Bordeaux, France. It offers sandwich training in management from foundation to bachelor’s level. The IPCEM offers excellent learning conditions thanks to its experienced team of teachers and personalised student supervision. At this small and friendly institution, class sizes […]


IPC, Institut Pratique de Comptabilité (the Practical Institute of Accounting) is a private higher education institution located in Casablanca (Morocco). It offers programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in IT, finance, logistics, accounting, management, human resources, graphic design and administration. The goal of IPC’s pedagogical approach is to train future professionals who […]

I.P.E.S, the Institut Privé d’Enseignement Supérieur, founded in 2013 in Martinique (France), is an educational institution and training centre. The institution offers courses from postsecondary (two-year programmes) to master’s level, taught both to school leavers and adults in continuing education. Programmes cover a range of subject areas: financial, legal and economic, including courses for those […]


IPF – Parisian Institute of Training IPF, Institut Parisien de Formation, is a private higher educational institution located in the heart of Paris. IPF provides a stimulating environment that is ideal for studying and research. The institution’s programmes encourage students to become active learners and to pay attention to the world around them. IPF places […]

IPIF (Institut Polytechnique International François) located in Abidjan CÔTE d’IVOIRE, is a private institution of higher and professional education in Management and Technology created in 2015. IPIF POLYTECHNIQUE offers diploma courses and certificates (national and international) on a work-study basis in order to acquire skills for current and future professions by putting into practice its […]

IRTH, the Regional Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, is a private professional training institution based in Agadir (Morocco) that is specialised in tourism, hospitality, restaurant business and commerce. In the increasingly demanding field of tourism, quality education in administration, sales, communication and negotiations is vital. To this effect, IRTH trains students who are multi-skilled, efficient […]

Situated at the heart of Nice, ISCAE Education is a group of schools made up of ISCAE Business School, COM Institute and ESPIM (Higher Institute of Real Estate). All programmes at ISCAE are grounded on the determination to train future executives who are responsible thus instilling meaning into management, autonomous, open, agile, creative and capable […]

Different qualitative proposals around Business (Sales & Marketing), and Supply Chain diplomas. Our school is a private school, but also a Center of Apprenticeship & and a training center. ISCL portfolio contain 3 BTS (2 years national diploma for Technical Expert), 1 Bachelor DARE & CARE We take care of students constraints with flexibility needs […]

ISEQ is a professional training institution offering work-study programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment). It is located in Metz (France). ISEQ programmes address the emerging stakes of the work place and companies’ needs. The institution works closely with economic stakeholders and possesses a significant network […]

ISIM is a school in Nice offering many training courses like management, sales, commercialization, Human Ressources, … in apprenticeship. ISIM prises itself in having quality teachers able to offer lessons in relationship with the current Economic Environment.

Founded in 1998, ISM Advancea is one of the first Madagascan private higher educational institutions. ISM Advancea offers vocational and academic programmes targeting the national and international labour markets. Programmes are designed to provide a transition between education and the world of work. They are taught both by teacher-researchers and representatives of the public and […]

The Matamfen Higher Institute (ISMAT) is a higher education institution that was created in 2007 and is based in Yaoundé (Cameroon). It offers training in administration science, computer and communication sciences, as well as courses in the IT and industrial fields; through qualifying study programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees. Thanks to […]

ISMTS The Swiss Higher Institute of Management and Tourism The Swiss Higher Institute of Management and Tourism is a privileged educational space where knowledge and learning coexist according to a precise and proven methodology until all  students become fully aware and in possession  of the challenges involved and of the necessary autonomy to join the […]

The ISNAB (Institut des Sciences de la Nature et de l’Agroalimentaire de Bordeaux) is a private higher educational institution located in Villenave d’Ornon, France, close to the Bordeaux universities site. The institution offers initial higher educational courses in agriculture. ISNAB puts practical experience and career prospects at the heart of its teaching programmes and has […]

ISTH – Institut Spécialisé en Tourisme et Hôtellerie ISTH is a professional school based in Fez, Morocco, that offers programmes in 5 activity sectors: hotel management, restaurant business, tourism, marketing and human resources. Owing to rigorous academic programmes, structured living conditions, practical education and a genuine school spirit, ISTH seeks to prepare future executives for […]


Institute of Science and Technology IST, Institute of Science and Technology is a training centre that was founded in 1995 and is approved by the State (N°66/DEFP/95).

ITech BTP is a private technical institute for professional training located in Rabat (Morocco), specialised in the building, public works and civil engineering sectors. The institution offers diplomas ranging from a high school diploma to master’s degrees. Professional training in the public works and building field helps acquire multi-facet competences and the know-how required to […]

ITIC Paris has offered training in up-and-coming, fast-developing professions since 1986. ITIC offers specialised higher educational courses ranging from school-leaving to master’s level. Both French state-accredited and European degrees are on offer in the following five subject areas: – ITIC Communications – ITIC Trade and Marketing – ITIC Finance – ITIC Human Resources – ITIC […]

IUFP, the University Institute of Professionalised Courses, is a higher education institution located in Guadeloupe. It offers programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in management, human resources and education. The institution is very keen on its students’ fulfilment and personal and professional development alike. That is why it provides them with rigorous […]

IUTS, the University Institute of Advanced Technicians, is a private higher education institution based in Baie Mahault (Guadeloupe). It offers training in commerce, sales, accounting and banking through programmes ranging from high school studies to bachelor’s degrees. The institution offers courses through initial training or work-study programmes – a professional training contract serves to acquire […]

The Jaelys school located in Paris and Aix en Provence, offers students Bachelor Programs over 3 years in the fields of Fashion (brand ambassador), events (wedding and design planner) and design (interior designer).

Koréva Formation is a distance-learning institution, specialised in beauty and well-being. At Koréva Formation teaching is carried out in three stages: learning, training and implementing. Programmes are taught remotely. Students are supervised by a qualified and experienced team of expert teachers. Koréva Formation places practical training at the heart of its programmes. Students undertake immersive […]

The IDEM Creative Arts School is an international institution with two campuses – one in Perpignan and one in Barcelona. Courses are taught by professionals and cover all digital and creative industry professions. The IDEM Barcelona is located in the heart of the old industrial quarter of Barcelona, these days the city’s hub for design […]

Les Maîtres du Monde, School of Motion Design, Special Effects and Virtual Worlds is the first Swiss digital arts school to offer training in these three cutting-edge areas. Sponsored by John Howe, Artistic Director of The Lord of the Rings, “Les Maîtres du Monde” opens the doors of new technologies to a future generation of […]

Ludus Académie is an European school dedicated to the creation and development of video games and serious games. Based in Strasbourg (France) and Brussels (Belgium), the institution offers programmes dedicated to video games and serious games. All programmes at Ludus Académie are structured around 4 skills sets: Information Technology, Game Design, Management & Leadership and […]

Ludus Académie is an European school dedicated to the creation and development of video games and serious games. Based in Strasbourg (France) and Brussels (Belgium), the institution offers programmes dedicated to video games and serious games. All programmes at Ludus Académie are structured around 4 skills sets: Information Technology, Game Design, Management & Leadership and […]

The High school Issat is a structure that offers training from 4th to bachelor degree in initial training through school or continuous learning and training for 710 young people. The central kitchen delivers 2,300 meals per day. The boarding school has a capacity for 120 young people. The campus is located near the city center […]

MAG MANAGEMENT GROUP is a qualified firm by the vocational training department set up by a group of management experts having a confirmed academic background with more than 15 years of field work. Sharing our know-how with particulars and with international and Moroccan companies is at the core of our existence.Our main goal is your […]

MANUS DOMINI-Conseils & Formations is a distance -learning private institution. Our school offers certificate and degree-based course from undergraduate to postgraduate. We specialize in various fields: management, Business, accounting, transport and logistics, human resources and many others. Besides, “MD- Conseils et formations” is glad to assist other companies to develop their skills. Our strength refers […]


The MBI (Management Business International) Institute is a private higher education institution located in Setif (Algeria). Its competent and quality faculty trains students who are set to become key players in the industrial, international commerce, services and administrative sectors. Its professional programmes address the expectations of companies and the demands of the job market, with […]

Merz Schule is a private school offering nursery, primary and secondary education. It was founded by Senator Albrecht Leo Merz in 1918 and is based in Stuttgart, Germany. Merz Schule distinguishes itself by its original training methods, based on the personal growth of the pupils who benefit from individual tutoring throughout their schooling In the […]

Founded 50 years ago, the Maison Familiale Rurale de Rollancourt offers educational programmes from secondary to master’s level for adolescents and young adults. Students are closely supervised and helped to find employment at the end of their studies. MFR de Rallancourt offers higher and vocational courses in four major domains: management, nature and the environment, […]

Maison Familiale Rurale St-Egrève (MFR St-Egrève) is a secondary and higher education institution based in France, which offers diplomas ranging from a high school diploma to master’s degrees in three training fields: computer and networks maintenance, industrial maintenance and energy & climate maintenance. A modest-size institution, MFR St-Egrève trains professionals who are expert, competent and capable […]


The “Maison Familiale Rurale” (Rural Family Home) was founded in 1964 as public-partnered private school. At the beginning, it proposed some agricultural-based trainings and classes. During the 80s, the Administration Council decided to focus on the forestry, in order to answer both the families’ and enterprises’ demands, progressively increasing the level of the offered qualifications. […]

MJM Graphic Design provides art programmes to train future professionals whose openmindedness, knowledge and practical skills will meet the needs of companies and creative studios. Consequently, all the institution’s courses are taught by working professionals. Teachers are specialists in their field and provide students with both a theoretical and practical approach to contemporary job roles. […]

ModeEstah is a parisian fashion school, leader in the field of work-study programs. Founded in 1991, ModeEstah has positioned itself since its beginnings as the professional school for the fashion and luxury industry. In addition to its training programme designed to meet the needs of the Fashion and Luxury market, our school has developed a […]

Moez Naouar International Academy Moez Naouar International Academy is a professional training institution specialised in beauty, cosmetics making, creation and artistic innovation.

MONTS DU LYONNAIS FORMATION The training centre has 18 years’ experience in professional sandwich training. All its programmes are offered under apprenticeship contracts. The institution has over 115 apprentices at various levels, from upper sixth (Professional Baccalaureate) to bachelor’s and BTS level, and in a range of subject areas, from marketing, commerce, administration, and management, […]

MSLux Institute is a work-study school specializing in the field of human resources, business management and business law. The student is alternating 4 days at work and 1 day per week at school. Our school was born from the experience of its founders and trainers, all of whom have come from the Luxembourg economic field […]

For over 20 years MultiHexa Meknes has been training top professionals in numerous domains. Its co-founders have over 30 years of experience in higher education, vocational training, engineering and consulting. A small and friendly institution, located in one of the best parts of Meknes, MultiHexa is a prestigious institution committed to ensuring the career success […]


Ideally located in the heart of the new technology and innovation centre in Metz, NBS Business School will allow you to be in direct contact with the business evolution of companies, and especially the ones working on digital transition or solutions. NBS is a unique business school which emphasize on business interaction, meetings with entrepreneurs, […]

Centre NEJMA de formation professionnelle CAMPUS PRINCIPAL Mohamed Sebti Nejma

Nice Success School is a private higher education establishment offering mainly professional training over an intensive year to enable students to successfully enter in the professional world or to undertake a business. They benefit from a rich common core which provides them with solid foundations and specializations with concrete experience linked to projects and internships. […]

O.F.I. ONE, a higher education school located in Paris (France), offers work-study programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in various fields: IT, administration, marketing, commerce, etc. The pedagogical approach of O.F.I. ONE is driven by its quality training as well as the academic and professional success of its students. O.F.I. ONE willingly […]

Omnis, an advanced institute of business and management based in Strasbourg (France), is recognised by the State (Official Gazette no. 0205 of 03.09.2008) and is authorised by ministerial authorisation to receive national scholarship holders enrolled in the first two years of a bachelor’s degree. Omnis steers its students towards practising careers by delivering programmes ranging […]

Created in 2012, the Online Training Centre is a centre for higher education online studies based in Burkina Faso. OTC explores the strengths and possibilities of information and communication technologies and offers numerous online programmes. OTC offers its expertise, experience, technological tools and pedagogical know-how to guide students both in terms of their academic success […]

Pôle Formation Santé is a professional training centre operating in the healthcare and socio-medial sector. It is based in Lyon, Montpellier and Paris (France). The institution offers continuing education, qualifying and certifying programmes. Its main goal is to offer quality service before, during and after training. In addition, the faculty – which is comprised of […]

Prénium Formation Conseil is a private higher education institution based in Gouvieux (France). It offers qualifying study programmes in marketing, IT and management, ranging from high school studies to bachelor’s degrees, through initial training or work-study programmes. The institution also provides professionals seeking to validate or acquire new management skills with the possibility of enrolling […]

Racine Plus is a private education institution that was created in 1997 and is based in Marrakesh (Morocco). An expert of work-study programmes, the school is recognised and accredited by the Moroccan State. The institution offers career-oriented programmes in marketing, communication, IT, logistics, management, human resources and tourism, which meet the needs of the job […]

SAGIM is a private vocational educational institution based in Marrakech, Morocco. It offers three types of programme: degree-granting, remote higher education and continuing education (certificates and language training). Its courses are in administration and accounting, management, and IT. SAGIM aims to give its students a good understanding of business environments so as to improve their […]

Saint-Jo Formation is a private higher educational institution located in Epinal (France). It is part of the Notre-Dame Saint-Joseph educational complex, which provides secondary to post-secondary education. The institution offers sandwich courses ranging from secondary (French baccalaureate) to postsecondary (bachelor’s) level in the tertiary sector: accounting, administration, trade, management, human resources, marketing, communications etc. Saint-Jo […]

SCMC – SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT CENTER The SCMC, Supply Chain Management Center, is a private higher education institution located in Tetouan (Morocco). It is specialised in professional training for transport and logistics careers. Through its courses, SCMC Institute meets the needs of the market and the demands of companies. Thus, the institution seeks to train […]

SEK Les Alpes, a campus of Spanish group SEK International Schools, is an international secondary education school that is trilingual (French, English and Spanish), which is located in Flumet, France. It is the only private school in France that is recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Science and Sports. Drawing on its multiculturalism, SEK […]

SEVE INTERNATIONAL is a training organisation based in Paris and Montpellier. It has been offering programmes in marketing, sales and management for ten years. These include on-site and off-site courses for company staff and tailor-made programmes.

As a historic player in E-learning, the Skill and You Company offers, throughout its 14 schools, nearly 200 diplomas, certificates or business training courses in sectors with high employability potential, including personal services, the web industry, food service, real estate and wellness. Skill and You is subject to state educational supervision and is an approved […]

Spéos is an international photography school founded in 1985. Its programmes cover a range of photography careers including photojournalism and studio photography. Teaching is available in both French and English. Spéos has an excellent reputation in the photography sector. It offers high quality programmes on its campuses located in London, Paris and Biarritz. Thanks to […]

SSIT – SCUOLA INTERPRETI EDUCATIONAL SERVICE LANGUAGE EXPRESS Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori (SSIT) with Head Office in Pescara has been responsible for the formation of interpreters and translators for over 30 years and offers linguistic services for public and private institutions. The School has initiated a number of collaborations with agencies and with […]

Founded in Montpellier in 1989 and present in Lyon, Toulouse, Paris (France), Barcelona (Spain) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), the Studio M schools are specialised in the fields of applied arts, photography, video games and audiovisual studies. They offer courses that are tailored to the needs of companies. A leader in the arts and […]

Founded in Montpellier in 1989 and present in Lyon, Toulouse, Paris (France), the Studio M schools are specialised in the fields of applied arts, photography, video games and audiovisual studies. They offer courses that are tailored to the needs of companies. A leader in the arts and media education, Studio M is now a group […]

Sup de Vinci is a higher education institution located within the Leonardo da Vinci University Cluster, at the heart of the leading European business hub of Paris La Défense (France). It offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees through free, paid and state-recognised work-study programmes in four training centres: business and management, IT, industry and human resources. […]

Sup’IPGV was created in 1985 in the south of France. This school has trained thousands of students in the south of France in work-study programs in management and business administration. Convinced of the obligation for our future graduates to learn how to understand and master the commercial communication strategies of the 21st century, we offer […]

SUP’RH, the Advanced Institute of Human Resources Management and Administration, was born of the ambition to train the managers and decision-makers of tomorrow, and stands out by the excellence of its training, research activities and connections with the business world. SUP’RH delivers innovative training by offering solid theoretical training, and practical and professional courses. Internships […]

SUP’ÉCOLIDAIRE is an independent post-baccalaureate higher education institution that trains students who wish to become professionals committed to the ecological, solidarity-based and civic transition of our society. Our curriculum consists of a Bac +3 (European Bachelor) and a Bac +5 (European Master), accessible through Our curriculum consists of a Bac +3 cycle (European Bachelor) and […]

Taylor is a professional training centre based in Marrakesh (Morocco) that is specialised in commerce and administration. It offers initial education from high school studies to master’s degrees, continuing education and preparatory classes for competitive examinations in the education sector. The institution relies on quality education, delivered by a team of recognised instructors who are […]

The UMECI, Methodist University of Côte d’Ivoire, is a private higher education institution based in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), whose programmes address emerging global stakes and the needs of the corporate world. The university offers courses in Legal, Administrative and Political Sciences, Economics and Administration, as well as in Literature, Languages and Civilisation. It also offers […]

UVVG – UNIVERSITE DE L’OUEST VASILE GOLDIS D’ARAD Established in 1990, in its 27 years of existence, “Vasile Goldis” Western University of Arad has become a fortress of Transylvanian and Euro-regional science and culture. Being part of the national system of higher education, the “Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad has become strongly integrated into […]

VBS is a private higher education school located in Ferney Voltaire (France) near by the French Swiss border. The school offers different programs in BTS (BAC+ 2), BACHELOR (BAC + 3) and MBA (BAC + 5) specializing in Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Banking, Finance and Entrepreneurship. The student is the center of our educational model. […]

Located in Paris, Webitech is a school dedicated to higher education from bac + 2 to bac + 5 around IT, new technologies and digital. All our training programs, whether bac + 2, bachelors and masters delivering state recognized diplomas (RNCP). The mission of our Digital School is to be the managers of tomorrow, competent […]

As part of the MJM Graphic Design group of schools and with over 38 years of experience, the Webstart schools in Paris, Lille and Nantes were born out of the growing demand from our partner companies recruiting in the flourishing digital sector. Our philosophy is not limited to being just a school, we are an […]

WES’SUP is an advanced school of commerce, administration and management offering programmes ranging from BTS certificates to MBAs, in fields such as international commerce, communication, tourism, human resources and management. Drawing on a dynamic faculty comprised of teaching professionals, experts and corporate leaders, WES’SUP provides its students with courses that blend theory, practice and academic […]