The Federation for EDucation in Europe / Fédération Européenne des Ecoles (FEDE) is an InternationalNon-Governmental Organisation (INGO) that shares a common project of high standards, quality and ambition with more than 500 schools in a network. 

Through its presence in more than 40 countries, FEDE promotes a model of  progress for education. 

A non-profit association, the FEDE is holding the participatory status with the Council of Europe. independent of government authorities, it defends the interests of citizens by carrying out an education and learning for all project and influences European decisions to guarantee human rights, freedom of education and dialogue between cultures. 

With more than 50 years of existence, an extensive network of alumni and partner schools, FEDE has devised innovative teaching protocols and a training offer that leads to diplomas, professionalizes and is appreciated by European actors. Thus, the FEDE now offers more than  diplomas in 12 fields of expertise, recognised by governments, professionals, recruiters and economic organisations, designed with them and for them. 

Choosing an ERDF diploma means preparing for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs, which are resolutely open to the world. 

From marketing to the profession of sustainable development, from design to IT, from tourism to logistics, from commerce to human resources, FEDE diplomas offer the assurance of quality training, innovative pedagogy and international perspectives.