National Directory of Professional Certification – RNCP


Professional certifications, commonly referred to as “RNCP titles”, are registered in the Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles (RNCP) and allow the validation of acquired skills and knowledge necessary for the exercise of a profession.

Professional certifications are classified by level of qualification and field of activity. They are made up of blocks of competences, homogeneous and coherent sets of competences contributing to the independent exercise of a professional activity. The validation of a block of skills gives the right to a certificate, recognised by France Compétences.

CDE FEDE France currently has several professional certifications registered with the RNCP:


IT Project Manager - Level 7

Registration deadline: 10 February 2024

The IT Project Manager translates the client’s requirements into IT solutions. His/her tasks require technical and managerial skills to support the work of developers, IT infrastructure architects and network administrators. He/she draws up the specifications and the schedule, evaluates the work time and the budget and acts as an interface between the various players (engineers, technicians, customers, suppliers, etc.).

Managing Organisations - Level 7

Registration deadline: 10 February 2026

In a competitive context where globalisation and digital transformation are shaking up all spheres of our society, organisations are facing many challenges that require more flexibility and an evolution of managerial practices in order to adapt to an ever-changing market.

Human Resources Manager - Level 7

Registration expired on 18 December 2021 – Renewal file being examined by France compétences

The Human Resources Director defines and implements, in line with the company’s strategic orientations, the structure’s human resources management policy in compliance with labour legislation.

Marketing and Sales Manager - Level 6

Registration expired on 18 December 2021 – Renewal file being examined by France compétences

The Marketing and Sales Manager leads projects and determines actions in marketing, sales, and participates in communication to ensure customer satisfaction with economic development perspectives for the company.


For further information: The list of training organisations authorised to provide training can be consulted on the sheet for each certification on the France Compétences website. All the professional qualifications held by CDE FEDE France can be validated by VAE.