The FEDE: all about careers


In enrolling in a FEDE degree programme students choose a job market-oriented programme combining theory and real professional experience and networking on the ground.

A FEDE degree offers a range of careers benefits:

– Solid professional skills
A FEDE degree ensures students acquire both the key theoretical knowledge and solid hands-on skills sought by recruiters.

– Teachers who are also expert professionals in their fields
The instructors at FEDE member institutions share their expert knowledge, experience and networks with their students. Teaching by some of today’s leading professionals ensures students are immersed in their future professional sector from day one and are trained in line with the latest job market developments and recruitment needs.

– International orientation
All FEDE degrees are built around a shared teaching module: European Culture and Citizenship. The module is based on the principle that, in order to become outstanding contemporary and future citizens, our students must be familiar with major social and political issues, improve their general knowledge and develop an open-minded world view.

– International skills
In addition to their native language, all FEDE students learn at least one additional modern European language. Far from being a mere CV booster, language skills are essential for those wishing to build a career on the contemporary job market.

– Active networking
Interpersonal skills are essential on today’s job market and recruiters are placing more and more emphasis on soft skills. During their programmes FEDE students acquire real workplace experience, learn about the latest developments in their field and meet experienced staff on the ground.

– Translating theory into practice
As part of their degree programmes, FEDE students are involved in regular hands-on activities supervised by their teachers. Activities may include research, essays, role plays and simulations. The aim is to help students think about their career plans and begin building a professional network.

– Workplace immersion
FEDE degrees provide a large amount of professional experience by requiring students to combine periods of study and periods of work experience (internships, apprenticeships or sandwich training). Workplace immersion enables students to complement their theoretical knowledge with on-the-job professional experience and to demonstrate their skills, creativity and ability to innovate.

All in all, FEDE degrees are designed to equip students with the expertise and experience needed to stand out from their peers and successfully embark on their chosen career paths!